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Shaygan Kheradpir: A Mission Driven Innovator

Shaygan Kheradpir, born in London, England in 1960, and raised in Iran, is an executive businessman. He attended Cornell University in Ithica, NY, where he received his bachelors on, masters and Ph.D. Degrees. Kheradpir is currently a member of the Cornell University Engineering Council. His studies were in electrical engineering. Kheradpir primarily focused on control systems.

Kheradpir began his career at Verizon, which was originally known as GTE Corporation. When GTE Corporation merged with Bell Atlantic, it became as it is known today, Verizon. Kheradpir worked his way up at Verizon to eventually hold the roles of CIO and CTO for over a decade. Shaygan Kheradpir focused on product development, leading over 7,000 people while working at Verizon. Kheradpir also focused on reducing spending while at Verizon.

Following his long tenure at Verizon, Kheradpir went on to work at Barclays for two years. Barclays is a large worldwide provider of financial services. They are a global retail bank. They specialize in retail banking, credit cards, corporate/investment banking and the management of wealth. Barclays has over 48 million customers worldwide. While at Barclays, Kheradpir was a catalyst for necessary changes for the transformation of the bank into today’s financial world. Their processes were antiquated prior to his arrival, and Kheradpir brought them up to date. This involved intense digitization and new product development. His goal was to use controls that were relevant in the lives of the consumer.

Following Barclays, Kheradpir went on to become the Chief Executive Officer at Juniper Networks. Juniper Networks is a worldwide organization that is headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. They are a pioneering company in the industry of networking. They develop and sell networking products such as routers, switches, software, security products and software technology. They are always interested in being the cutting edge company, looking to be the first to come up with new ideas and innovations.

Kheradpir built several mission-driven teams throughout his career. His main goal was to facilitate substantial change with meaning. He always tried to anticipate what clients and customers needed while developing new products. This meant beneficial change to customers, employees, those who invested money, and surrounding communities. He has used both innovative and traditional tactics to meet his goals.

In addition to his impressive growing career, Kheradpir has been able to be involved in several activities outside of his work. He has served on board such as the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology and the YMCA of Greater New York.

Glossing Over The Lips

Lip gloss is one of my favorite makeup items to wear, and Lime Crime on ilovelimecrime has several shades to choose from, such as pink and even blue and green. I enjoy wearing the flavored glosses as they taste different on my lips. When I apply lip gloss, there are a few rules that I tend to follow to get the best look.

I always try to use a sheer gloss instead of one that makes my lips look like they have been coated with leather. A dark gloss is also something I have considered, but it doesn’t remind me of a lip gloss the way a sheer type does. Lime Crime has the glosses that I enjoy, and they have a slight sparkle to them that gives my lips a glittery appeal that I find fascinating.

One of the ways that I have found to get the right color for my lips is to mix a colored gloss with a clear gloss. This will often tone down a darker color and make the colors that I do wear seem shinier since there is a clear coat on top of the color. Petroleum jelly also gives a similar effect, but it can make the lips feel like they are coated instead of smooth. I have noticed that some of the colors I use will bleed around the corners of my mouth. It’s more evident after I have applied my foundation and then apply lip gloss. Something I have found that helps to decrease this bleeding look is to use a gloss that is a shade similar to my skin. It blends better, and the look is more natural instead of something that’s fake.

Lip gloss is an item that I can easily apply no matter where I’m going. It gives me the confidence I need to go out with friends as my lips often stay chapped. I like the colors that Lime Crime offers, and I like that way that the glosses from the company make my lips feel. The glosses come in small decorative bottles that look like a swirl on the outside. This gives a fun look as I like trying to stay as young as possible.

The Soul of a Company

The ethos of a company is what outlines the road to success, and this principle is no different for investment advisers of all types. This may be even more so for hedge funds and businesses with a broad spectrum of interests, investments and activities. The ethos is usually describes in a short and decisive mantra which directs the mentality of the employees and even determines the types of employees the company is looking for. The best example of this principle is Highland Capital Management. The philosophy constructed by the founders for Highland Capital Management was Experienced, Discipline and Bold. Each has a direct explanation for the employees and for the clients. The descriptions behind each philosophy statement is as important as the words themselves, because the explanation describes in very certain terms how the philosophy is meant to be taken. First, each employee is expected to be experienced, even if not traditionally the employee must act as an expert at all times. In addition, the company as a whole was founded by very experienced financial advisers. Disciplined is meant to describe both the attention to the economy as a whole and to the companies clients individually. Bold is a description for the investment strategy of the company throughout the year and into the future. The company makes aggressive investments in new and burgeoning markets but also must be prepared to pull out of a market that shows less promise or may turn down as quickly as it grows.

One exemplary example of these ethos is the company’s co-founder and president, James Dondero. Firstly, Mr. Dondero is experienced, having spent decades in investment management positions. He graduated with a dual degree in finance and accounting, then pursued further training before entering the workplace for American Express. Mr. Dondero has rose through the ranks to eventually co-found Highland Capital Management. He has pursued investment in various different sectors and has received several awards for his bold new offerings throughout his career. In addition to his years in the business, Mr. Dondero has driven investment offerings in completely new sectors, and utilized his strategies in order to make millions for his clients. Outside of financial advising, Mr. Dondero has a passion for philanthropy of all types, most notably public policy, education and veteran’s affairs. As a developer of the ethos and mantra behind Highland Capital Management, James Dondero has exemplified all the virtues that the company expects from its employees, and is a model financial investor for anyone interested in entering the market.

Will The Ongoing California Drought Affect Ski Resorts

Andrew Wirth was born on July 25 in 1963. He currently works in the mountain resort and hotel business. He is President and CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Company. Working with the resort and hotel business for some thirty years now, Andrew Wirth is considered by many to be an expert on running a resort, hotel, business. I recently heard an interview on the California radio station KCRW. Andrew Wirth was recently interviewed on that station during the radio program called “Press Play with Madeleine Brand.” Discussed during this interview was the topic of “How Will The Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?” These are some of the things that I heard on that interview.
People in California have in general cut down on water consumption because of the ongoing problems they are currently having in that state due to a lack of rainfall. Some surveys say that they have cut back some twenty seven percent on their water usage! With this lack of rain water problem, one would think that California Ski Resorts would be not doing so well. According to the CEO of Squaw Valley Ski Holdings Company, this is simply not the case. Enough snow is falling in the Squaw Valley and other Sierra Mountain Ski Resorts to keep them open for business.
Not as much snow is falling as in the years past, but temperatures are still low enough for man made snow to be used effectively. This allows the skiing to continue even though it is snowing less now. If there happens to be very little snow when a person were to arrive at Squaw Valley Ski Resort, then there are other activities available at these resorts in the Sierra that people could entertain themselves with.
The business at Squaw Valley has been down some twenty percent from what it was at one time, but Squaw Valley and other ski resorts are still making a profit. The winters coming up are expected to remain cold and dry but snow making equipment can make up for that for the time being.
Summertime activities are doing well at these resorts. They host parties and weddings. The surroundings at Squaw Valley are very scenic and beautiful and people can have a good time at these back to nature type places in the summer and the winter. Andy Wirth thinks that somehow his resort and others in the Sierra Mountain Region, will survive this weather phenomenon of less snow in the winter months by adapting to this change in the climate.A good mountain hike is always something that some people will always love to do. People will always want to get out of the big cities for a little peace and quiet time in the mountains.

Investment through Hedge Funds

Hedge funds are investment institutions where capital and significant assets are collected in a pool by affluent investors and corporations from where it is invested in diverse ways but majorly in securities. They are in a way similar to mutual funds except for the fact that they are not SEC-registered (Security and Exchange Commission) and are less regulated, therefore, can invest in diverse securities. These differences appear to be the marking points of hedge funds and are considered more lucrative. They also invest in derivatives that are contracts on purchasing or retailing securities at a certain price. They are renowned for their investment in both long and short term securities; meaning they can buy stock with borrowed money (from clients) or sell stocks and eventually buy them when their prices have depreciated. Hedge fund manages deal in high risks, especially through leverages.

An example of Hedge Fund Company is Citadel LLC, which was founded by Ken Griffin on businessinsider in 1990 who is currently its chief executive officer. It has two major fronts; Citadel, a cutting-edge alternative asset manager and citadel securities which provide financial market and investment strategies. Kenneth Griffin is a multi-talented individual owing to his bachelor’s degree from Harvard University and his raw passion for business and entrepreneurship. His hometown is Daytona Beach, Florida, but he is currently situated in Chicago Illinois from where he manages his highly competitive career. Ken Griffin began his career early while still schooling in Harvard when he launched a hedge Fund, which he managed from his dorm room armed with just a fax machine, a personal computer, and a telephone. His company manages a portfolio worth $25 billion two decades down the line from his initial capital of $4.6 million.

Hedge funds work in away prompting their clients to invest aggressively to the benefit of both the firm and the client, but with a catch that is often a potential risk of loss of assets. They are also characterized by less liquidity since they majorly deal in assets making it difficult for these institutions to sell shares. It is this refined nature of hedge funds that attract sophisticated investors in the global financial market. Management of hedge funds requires quite an in-depth experience and knowledge in investment policies and accurate market trends study through thorough research.

Despite the current challenges facing hedge funds on whether to be regulated by SEC and the government or not, they certainly provide the opportunities for better returns from investments irrespective of the trends in stock markets and bonds. Some of the major strategies laid down by hedge funds institutions are Emerging Markets, long and short Equities, Funds of Funds and options strategy just to mention a few. Most hedge funds tend to be open ended which implies that they can allow the addition of assets or capital or withdrawal after the lockup period. During compensation, registered increments or decrements by the system are reflected in the net income to be received by the investor. This includes any expenses, withdrawals, additions and profits. It is, therefore, imperative to say that hedge fund is a smart way of investing high-value assets.

The Way To Hedge Fund Management

Prominent Illinois entrepreneur, Ken Griffin of businessinsider, is on a mission to
share Citadel’s strategic investment approach with high profile
clients worldwide. His initial interest in hedge fund management
sparked during his undergraduate studies at Harvard where he learned
the value of convertible bond arbitrage. His early experiences as a
novice investor were extremely rewarding especially since his
strategies helped preserve his capital during the 1987 stock market
crash. Currently, he serves as the founder and Chief Executive Officer
of Citadel which is a powerful firm which cultivates a culture of
excellence in alternative asset managing. As the lead executive at
this prestigious corporation, his former educational background in
conjunction with his investment passion has greatly influenced his
desire to present unprecedented business strategies to his clients.

Citadel’s extensive selection of investment strategies is attracting a
variety of executives from many different industries across
the globe. Although the marketplace maintains many hedge fund
management companies, this major firm specializes in the primary asset
classes in the world’s largest financial areas. Notably, Citadel’s
offerings are targeted toward professionals who would like to receive
exceptionally high risk-factored investment results which are
delivered from a team of innovative and deeply engaged advisors.
Moreover, by applying their principles, clients will have
an advantage in the market because Citadel employees are constantly
seeking new and innovative methods to capitalize on financial
opportunities. Undeniably, Citadel’s team of highly qualified and
experienced executives truly understands the needs and expectations of
modern investors and, as a result, Griffin strives to support this
demand with practical investment services.

Citadel’s success is fueled by Griffin’s unprecedented
managerial skills which involves overseeing the company’s strategies
in five financial areas: equities, commodities, quantitative
solutions, credit, and fixed income and macro. Because of their
diverse investment offerings, the firm maintains a comprehensive
database of clients encompassing careers from many distinguished
business sectors. These effective investment offerings are appreciated
by many customers as the strategies are also coupled with a rigorous
portfolio of sound risk management frameworks. Fortunately, Citadel
strives to protect the capital of their investors by employing
fundamental research and quantitative analysis. Most prominently,
these practical services are effective in generating a substantial
return of investment.

Today, Citadel is the leading hedge fund management company
and, as a result, the firm is always seeking opportunities to expand
more internationally. With locations in over ten major cities around
the world, Griffin and his team work tirelessly to discover new
business areas and practices. Unlike their competitors, the
corporation’s uniqueness lies in their well-proven investment
principles: hard work, scenario planning, iteration, and
collaboration. In fact, Cital has received widespread recognition from
major industry observers including an Absolute Return Accolades, a
Multi-strategy Hedge Fund Manager of the Year Award, Management Firm
of the Year Award, and high rankings in Institutional Investor’s
Alpha. Notably, in 2015, the firm maintained over $25 billion in
investment capital and is therefore considered the best company that
provides substantial returns for investors.