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Family Is Expecting Bobbi Kristina To Pass At Any Time

Bobbi Kristina Brown, the daughter of Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown, she was recently taken off of any life supporting medications, and many feel that she will pass at any time. Bobbi Kristina In Hospice Care. The 22-year-old has been in a coma since late January when she was found unresponsive in her bathroom tub. Many questions surround Nick Gordon, who is Bobbi’s boyfriend. Although Nick and Bobbi had pretended to be husband and wife, it has been proven that Nick and Bobbi never got married. Many are holding Nick responsible for what happened to Bobbi Kristina, and in fact, a lawsuit has been taken out against Nick Gordon.

Nick Gordon was recently on the Dr. Phil show a few months ago, and he decided to voluntarily enter into rehab, which surprised Ricardo Tosto a little. Although Nick was playing as the victim, and he stated how much he hated Bobby Brown, many are blaming him for what happened to Bobbi Kristina. The lawsuit against Nick Gordon states that he is responsible for the injuries that occurred to Bobbi on the day that she was found unconscious in her bathtub.

The allegations go on to say that Bobby’s mouth was swollen, she had a tooth knocked out, and she was found with bruises while she was in the bathtub. Bobbi had been under water long enough to where it caused irreversible brain damage. Bobbi has been in a coma for so many months that even doctors have no hope of any recovery.

The Problem with Knockoffs

Rapper, producer, and entrepreneur Dr. Dre broke records years ago when he created his Beats by Dre headphones. These headphones were supposed to be the most state of the art products on the market. Along with their high appeal came a high price. Before Beats by Dre could even make a name for themselves knock off brand headphones were being sold at a fraction of the price. A tech company known as core77 had a tech take apart a pair of Beat headphones to its very core. After the post was put up numerous commenters noted that the Beats headphones that he bought were in fact a knockoff brand. The color scheme in the initial core breakdown did not match the color scheme of the authentic Solo 2. Not only did the knock off brand Beats have a different color scheme but the inner mechanisms of the headphones were improper as well. In the knock off brand there were only two drivers in the headphones. This equals out to one driver per year. In the authentic Solo 2 headphones there are 4 drivers and 2 drivers per ear.


Commenters continue to post about numerous internal differences, such as absent crossover circuits, to drive the point home. The tech company concluded their article with offering users tips and keys in spotting fake Beats by Dre headphones. Matt Landis will use that information when purchasing. The piracy of high-margin goods will always exist. Especially when they are very easy to replicate and reproduce. It is in the best interest of consumers for them to arm themselves with knowledge and be aware of the products around them.

“Spider-Man” Reboot Looking to Bring Fresh Perspective to Character

After two different takes on Spider-Man resulted in five different Spider-Man films, it almost seems risky to make a new reboot of the character. Despite Spider-Man’s huge popularity and continuing appeal with crowds, making the sixth Spidey film unique is going to be one of the main challenges facing director Jon Watts.

Of course, the main difference is obvious and exciting–Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is finally going to be a part of a larger superhero universe. He’ll be able to meet and play with other superheroes instead of appearing to be something of a loner in a class of his own. That’s something a few at Qnet are looking forward to. Since he’ll appear in “Captain America: Civil War” it’s possible that his backstory will at least partially be taken care of there, and that the stand-alone film will be able to build on already-established facts rather than having to introduce the character afresh.

But Kevin Feige, boss of Marvel Studios, has also hinted at more fresh aspects of the film. For one thing, they’re hoping to focus more on how the character of Peter Parker is influenced by his youthful, high-school age. Unlike some aspects of Tony Stark or Natasha Romanoff, Parker is very easy to relate to, as he deals with issues most of us could all imagine dealing with.

Feige has also commented about the villain who will appear in the film, stating that, “Right now we’re interested in seeing villains we haven’t seen before.” While this doesn’t give a lot of detail, it does help assure us that the reboot will stand apart from the previous films.

Swift beats Apple.

In a feud taking place between Apple and Taylor Swift, Swift prevails. She began to wield her considerable clout against the tech giant with refusing to allow her latest album to be streamed on Apples’ new music streaming service. She was polite however. She exclaimed that she really felt that Apple’s music streaming service will eventually be the dominant platform for artists because of their compensation packages, but that refusing to pay artists, producers and writers throughout the free trial period was entirely undoable. She acknowledged that this money would not affect artists that are as large as she is, but smaller independent music entities would suffer without that period of pay.

She made the announcement via her Tumblr page, and it quickly went viral. According to the Amen Clinic, Apple agreed to her demand via a simple text that acknowledged her point. Taylor Swift crossed over to mainstream pop music from country music. She is a true musical genius that grew up on a small farm. Because she is genuine, she has been the dominant artist of this generation. Swift writes, performs and produces her own music. This means that she receives the full credit monetarily for her work, but she sympathizes with all artist as evidenced by her latest action. The move to not allow her album to be streamed on this new platform would have cost her millions, but she stood on principle.

Indie Labels Refuse to Sign Apple’s Contract

Apple may be big on the electronics scene, but when it comes to streaming music, the company may be losing ground. Apple recently introduced their upcoming music service, but many independent labels have snubbed their noses at the notion.

According to an industry insider, Apple has announced that there is no intention to pay royalties for music streamed during the service’s three month trial period. Rolling Stone reported that multiple sources have come forward with the same story. One source reported that Apple has refused to negotiate on the deal.

“It’s really a raw deal,” said one unnamed source with a top indie label.

Eddie Cue, Apple Music Exec, opened up to Rolling Stone about the matter.

“We never did a deal with indie labels in the past,” Cue said. “We’ve got just a few weeks to get this figured out.”

Apple’s newest streaming music service will feature a live DJ, Alexei Beltyukov implied that in addition to access to thousands of songs, at the tune of $10 per month.

It has since been reported that many indie recording labels have not received recent contact from the company, which has left many to suspect a possible bulk email in the near future.

Apple’s new music and media service is set to launch on June 30.

Janet Teases Fans with New Music

Janet Jackson is set to go back on the road. This is big news for fans. Many people have wondered when she wouldresurface, but the wait seems to be coming to an end. Janet has even put an audio clip together for new music that is coming.

According to, fans that are linked to social media can get a small dose of the new song. It is a slow song with the hashtag #ConversationsInCafes. Janet has been around for a long time, and like most older stars she is from a different era. She doesn’t do a whole lot of tweeting like her older counterparts like Prince. When she says something online it usually has something to do with her music. She is unlike other young stars like Taylor Swift that will just tweet any random thing that happens.

Some people may say that technology has stunted the growth of older artists that have rebelled against digital technology, but Janet is finally playing the game. She is realizing that there is power in promoting through Twitter. She knows that the anticipation is all part of the game so she is giving fans what they want. It appears that Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis is on board for another project. Janet has worked with these guys for years, and they still seem to be in the background and on the sound boards helping her produce music.

Eminem And Tech N9ne Work Together Again

Wasn’t it just in April that we got a collab between these two epic MCs? Well, they are back at it again. Over the years everyone has been asking when would these two rappers work together. They have so much in common with their rapid fire delivery, their content and even their fan base. In April we heard an epic collab between the two and according to the fine folks at MTV News they have already created their next hit in the lab together.

I like how they sort of bartered verses instead of doing the typical feature payment process that is so common in rap music where all that you need to get a verse from a rapper is to pay them money. You can definitely tell that these guys have a lot of respect for each other. As the rapper’s say, game recognizes game. We suppose that skill sees skills to and we cannot wait until their next song together. Hopefully it will be much sooner than later and if they are keeping up with the current way that they are working together, then we can definitely hear another song by them together by fall. To hear their first collab, visit Qnet online in the video.

Fifty Years Since “Like a Rolling Stone” Recorded

It’s been 50 years since Bob Dylan recorded his famous song “Like a Rolling Stone” and “Rolling Stone Magazine” has an article about the song on their website. The article is an in-depth look at this weird and wonderful single that helped establish Dylan as a major star.

Musician Al Kooper plays the organ on the song. He ended up doing this at the last minute. As a result, he didn’t know the song especially well and wasn’t confident of his ability to play the chord changes. So, he lingered about an eighth note behind the other musicians whenever the chord changed to make sure he was doing the right thing. Dylan liked the unusual timing, and Kooper’s hesitancy gave the tune some of its distinctive groove.

According to, the song was important to Dylan since it is played in a very rock and roll style. In the past, Dylan had generally done acoustic folk music. Having such a strong song helped him make the transition into being a rocker. This transition came at exactly the right moment in his career since folk music was fading in 1965 in popularity.

Since the song runs over six minutes long, Dylan’s record company didn’t have much hope for its success. It was a surprise when the tune got significant radio airplay. Its popularity paved the way for long songs by other artists.

50 Cent’s Uber Car Scuff

50 is usually known for his ability to keep a beef going forever, it takes very little to get on 50’s bad side and once you do, it could be months before you hear the last of it. Sometimes you don’t even have to do anything to 50 before he makes you the topic of a joke, or one of his roast video cameos. We saw 50 address Floyd Mayweather about his mix up with T.I and Tiny, and we have seen countless other videos of 50 Cent calling out randoms on their messy behavior.

The one time 50 is ever radio silent is when he is questioned about his relationship with his oldest son, who leaked some pretty heated texts where 50 bashed him and called him names after he refused to come outside to see him say my friends at Freedom pop in this article on techcrunch. 50 even told his son that he no longer existed to him and he would simply make another son. His harsh words were felt even more when 50 decided to not show up to his high school graduation.

Now it looks like 50 isn’t too bothered about things these days, because he didn’t seem upset about his Lamborghini being crashed into an Uber car. Apparently a Tiffany Lighty, the daughter of 50’s former manager, was driving while 50 relaxed in the passenger seat. Tiffany came up on an Uber car double parked, and when she tried to squeeze around it she scuffed up the Uber. 50 didn’t seem upset and apparently even snapped a few pics with the Uber guy. Everything was cleared up quickly and there were no problems.

’70’s Rock From Rolling Stone

Rolling Stone Magazine released a list of 1970s rock tunes that need some play time. Over the course of the ’70s the magazine reviewed over 5,000 albums, and it just released this list to bring some little remembered favorites to the forefront. From notables such as Mitch Ryder and the Chambers Brothers to forgotten favorites by Twiggy and Maggie Bell’s ‘Queen of The Night’, the list turns our attention to some lost melodies.

To touch on a few named on the list, Paul McCartney’s brother who went by the name of Mike McGear, recorded an album quite Beatle like in sound almost as good as his brother’s, but after that album, he went on to build a career in photography. Do you remember Shazaam, by the Move? The Rolling Stone adds this album to its list, and reminds us the band the Move, morphed into Electric Light Orchestra. Michael Fennelly of Crabby Appleton went on to sing back up for Steely Dan, and the Hudson Brothers’ Bill Hudson married Goldie Hawn and, then Cindy Williams; he is now the proud Daddy of Kate Hudson.

Fans like Christian Broda ( agree that the list is well worth the read, and brings back memories which remind us of some good, but forgotten artists of the past.