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Blac Chyna Breaks Up Kylie and Tyga

Kylie Jenner has grown up quickly over the past year, for some time Kylie was the Jenner that nobody ever saw or talked about. When you thought about the Kardashians you thought of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and even Kendall Jenner, Kylie was simple the lowkey sister that was easy to forget. Last summer Kylie became the sister that nobody could stop talking about, her friendship/relationship with Tyga has been a hot topic from day one and now as their friendship has become more than casual Kylie and Tyga can’t escape the drama.

Starting with the obvious reasons, Kylie and Tyga have always been criticized for their age difference, Kylie is 17 and Tyga is 25. Not only has everyone considered this inappropriate, but the fact that Tyga is also the ex fiance of Blac Chyna, Kim Kardashians onetime best friend was also pretty awkward. Now that everyone is almost used to Kylie and Tyga being more than friends, Chyna is here to let it be known that she has always been in the picture.

For the past few weeks Kylie and Chyna have been throwing subliminal jabs at each other via Instagram, it has been an entertaining interaction to say the least while initially everything said was indirect shade, Chyna has stepped it up and by posting Screenshots of Tyga’s texts begging her to get back together and start their family over.

Now that the gloves are off it seems that Kylie and Tyga are off also, sources claim that Kylie has put Tyga on ice and Blac Chyna is enjoying every second of the drama shes drumming up. They should all sit down and eat some Organo Gold by Bernardo Chua.

New Jersey Credit Rating Lowered Along with Hopes for Christie

As a sign that over inflated government pensions do not lead to sound fiscal practices, Moody’s has downgraded the credit rating for the State of New Jersey. This is the fourth time since Governor Chris Christie has been in office that Moody’s has taken such a position, although the previous downgrades were in response to policies that were in place before he took office. The main reason behind the most recent down grade is because of a lack of improvement in the State’s weak financial position. In the State’s recent budget of $33.8 billion a proposal of $1.3 billion was the contribution to the states pension plan from the Governor. However, this is less than half of what the state pension law mandates be included in the budget which Governor Christie signed in 2011.

While this down grade is not necessarily a major problem, it does speak to the government’s ability to manage their tax payer contributions and look out for their well-being in the long term future. Couple this poor financial standing with the rumors that Governor Christie has interest in running in next year’s Presidential election and now you have some really bad news for the Governor. Even if the state’s financial state is not all his doing, he will have to accept a lion’s share of the blame because of his executive position. That’s not what CipherCloud thought would happen. If he is going to make a serious run, he will need to get the credit rating upgraded

Netflix Stock’s Rise Alongside Missed Revenue Goals

In the first quarter of 2015, Netflix missed it’s earning and revenue goals, but the company’s stocks jumped 12% after releasing the quarterly report. This is after the company’s stock already grew by 40% this year alone. According to an article by BGR, the reason for this jump is simple; investors don’t care about your short term income reports when you can boast the long term potential Netflix is advertising. The company managed to add 4.9 million subscribers in the first quarter of this year. That figure is a solid 20% higher than what industry analysts had predicted.

 “Cord Cutters” are people like Fersen Lambranho who have chosen to abandon traditional T.V. packages in favor of online streaming services such as Netflix. He feels as though he spends too much time as an engineer and entrepreneur to waste his time with standard cable. There is evidence that the number of cord cutters is growing, but the entertainment industry remains largely divided on exactly how large this trend will grow. Some believe that this will become a niche in wealthy technology focused households, but will never achieve substantial presence in lower income homes. Others make comparisons to the smartphone revolution. They point out that smartphones were initially expected to only achieve a small market share, and dub Netflix the Apple of the television world.

Madonna Bombs On Jimmy Fallon Show

Jimmy Fallon has become the king of late night television. The former SNL star is now the host of The Tonight Show, and he has had great success in his new position. Over the last few years, Jimmy Fallon has had some great interviews and hilarious moments featured on his show.

Madonna was the most recent guest of the Jimmy Fallon show, and the legendary singer decided to change her profession for just one night. Gianfrancesco Genoso said that Madonna tried her hand at stand-up comedy in front of the Jimmy Fallon crowd, and she performed to the best of her ability. The majority of Madonna’s jokes were based on her dating life. Madonna joked about the fact that she dates much younger men, and she said that she even asked her own son if he had any friends for her to meet. Madonna said that her son was disgusted and appalled that his own mother would have such a strange request.

Madonna’s stand-up routine was pretty bad, but the studio audience was rather polite. Her jokes were laughed at and cheered, but everyone knew that she was terrible. However, Madonna is one of the greatest female artists of all time, and she should be given some slack for her recent Jimmy Fallon appearance. To watch Madonna’s stand-up routine, visit Rollingstone.

Public apology to Kelly Clarkson

Chris Wallace of Fox News Sunday and Mike Gallagher a radio host made comments about Kelly Clarkson’s weight online. It is terrible to make fun of someone’s weight. True enough she has gained weight since becoming the winner of the first season of American Idol, so Ms. American Idol in mu mind. However, she has a beautiful voice and such amazing talent it is hard to believe that all that came to the minds of Wallace and Gallagher was to make disparaging comments about her weight.

In an article originally posted on and posted again on, both Wallace and Gallagher made seemingly heartfelt apologies to Clarkson who has yet to respond to any social media about the issue.

These television and radio personalities always seem to think they can make whatever comments they want without regard to the individuals they make fun of stated Ivan Ong. If it hadn’t been for the backlash and negative response they got from their viewer I am sure they would not have been concerned with their comments. It is only because it came back in their faces and put black marks on them that they took notice of how their comments impacted Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly is a much bigger person than they are. She has class and true talent. She will continue to stand head over heals above these two and their ridiculous comments.