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Iggy Azalea’s Biggest Hit, May Not Have Been Written By Her

Iggy Azalea is well known for her song “Fancy,” which rose to the height of success in the year 2014. She won many awards for the song, and it was the hit of the year. It was definitely a favorite among my buddies, namely Ray. Although many loved the song, some were skeptical that she wrote the lyrics for the big hit. In the past, Nicki Minaj came out saying that she writes her own lyrics, which many assumed was a diss at Iggy. Iggy’s “Fancy”. Nicki stated that the comment had nothing to do with Iggy, she was just clarifying that she does produce her own lyrics.

It’s now proven that Iggy did not write the entire Fancy song, which many had first suspected. T.I., who is Iggy’s mentor, was questioned about the song, and he denied having any part in writing it. Iggy used what is called a “ghostwriter,” in order to accomplish the lyrics for the major hit. Many rappers will use ghostwriters, who will write their lyrics behind the scenes, and then the artist will deliver it to the public. Ghostwriters are nothing new, but they are not exactly smiled upon in the rap industry.

Many rappers are praised for writing their own lyrics, which does make people look differently at those, who do not produce their own lyrics. Skeme, who has worked with Iggy in the past, finally admitted that he wrote some of the lyrics for the song Fancy.


The Antique Wine Company: For All Wine Lovers

The Antique Wine Company is based in London and was founded by Stephen Williams, a man with a desire to sell something that people would come back for again and again. Since the start of the company in 1982, they have specialized in rare and exceptionally fine wines. They currently have over 10,000 bottles of the world’s finest wines in their cellars. They have been known for record breaking wine collections and events and have services ranging from cellar planning to rare wine sourcing.

They have also expanded their business in creating the Grand Chateau Series. Alongside cabinet maker Viscount David Linley, the Antique Wine Company has created handcrafted wine cabinets modeled after the architectural top nine chateaux in Bordeaux. In this wine cabinet are eighteen bottles from each estate. Along with the wines, there are also letters and memorabilia available from the Chateau archives, expanding the company into a deeper history and passion for wine.

The Antique Wine Company has also broken the world record for most valuable bottle of white wine. For £75,000, an 1811 bottle of Chateau d-Yquem was sold to Christian Vanneque, former sommelier who believes wine is for drinking, not simply collecting. Although he will have this bottle displayed in his restaurant, he eventually hopes to drink and enjoy it.

And so, although some of the customers the Antique Wine Company serves are true enthusiasts capable of spending thousands of dollars on wine, all wine lovers can benefit from ordering from such a company. The Antique Wine Company owns particle accelerators and ion beams that can determine the authenticity of wines. So instead of taking risks ordering outside the Antique Wine Company, there is a particular guarantee that goes along with ordering from such a reputable source. One does not have to be a rich collector to simply be a lover of fine wine.

Suge Knight Behavior Finally Catches Up With Him

Suge Knight has been a bully in the music industry every since his name became known to fans of hip hop. He muscled his way in and caused a lot of fear in the industry. His recent murder case has a video that has surfaced showing the incident. This is the thing that will finally result in the downfall of the terrorizing hip hop company leader.

When people hear that Suge Knight was involved in the accident many people did not pay this much attention. Suge had managed to become someone that seemed to elude the law regardless of what he did. It didn’t seem to matter if he was associated with crime; he always managed to avoid prison. Knight was the same person that was in the car – as the driver – when Tupac was shot. Dan Newlin has learned that he was also the same one that bullied Dr. Dre and Snoop. Find more on Newlin on his Twitter page. He kept some of the masters for the recordings of Death Row songs.

Today Suge has this incident of running someone over to deal with. He is in jail and awaiting trial. From the looks of the graphic TMZ video Suge will be spending the rest of his life in prison.


In the music world, if you stop moving then you are presumed dead. That is why it so surprising that a band that had a six times certified platinum song would wait almost four years to release a follow up album.

In 2011, the band AWOLNATION was just releasing their first full-length studio album entitled Megalithic Symphony. ‘Sail’ was the first single off that album. That one single went on to sell more than 5 million copies worldwide. The album Megalithic Symphony has gone on to be certified gold and spawned two other hit singles: ‘Not Your Fault’ and ‘Kill Your Heroes.’

With such a huge impact, fans and music experts expected a follow-up album to be released within a year or so. Instead of releasing new albums, there were remixes of ‘Sail’ and other songs from Megalithic Symphony released and some songs recorded for movie and video game soundtracks. Announcement of a new AWOLNATION album with a 2014 release made its way around the internet, but when the year was finished, there was no new album.

When 2015 started, AWOLNATION showed how serious they are about a new album by releasing a couple new tracks called ‘Hollow Moon (Bad Wolf)’ and ‘Windows.’ Sultan Alhokair reported that both singles have videos to go along with them. The new AWOLNATION album is set to drop on March 17 from Red Bull Records.

Pandora May Sell Day Passes To Subscription Service

Soon you’ll be able to listen to music on Pandora ad-free for just a day. Traditionally, Pandora has offered listeners free listening with periodic ads, or a paid tier where users can opt to pay a monthly fee and enjoy tunes ad-free.

Now the company is considering offering a paid day pass to its offerings. The pass would come at a smaller cost than a monthly pass, but off the same benefits for a 24 hour period. Chief Product Officer Chris Phillips indicated that the service might cost $.99 for the day. pandora One, the monthly pass the radio station currently offers in just $4.99 month.

Why a day pass? Pandora thinks that some customers might want to spring for the pass in situations where they’re sharing tunes with others. Ricardo Tosto says something like a birthday party or BBQ is the ideal time to let Pandora be the DJ, but ads can ruin the party atmosphere according to WhosWhoLegal. In those types of situations, users might want to pay to remove the ads for the day, but then go back to ad-supported listening the next day when it’s just them listening.

The ad-supported service is still the largest money maker for the company. Ads accounted for $220 million of the company’s revenue during the fourth quarter of last year. Subscriptions were only responsible for $47.9 million.

Shania Twain Announces Upcoming Tour Will Be Her Last

Shania Twain has announced that her upcoming 48 city tour of the US and Canada will be her farewell tour. The singer, whose 1997 release “Come On Over” holds the record as being the best selling country music album of all time as well as the best selling album by a woman in any genre, is coming off of a residency at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, says she wants to go out with a bang. Rather than trying to adapt her Vegas show, she plans an all new show suitable for taking on the road.

Twain has sold 75 million records overall and dominated the country charts for much of the 1990’s.
After her 2004 tour, Twain was largely absent from the music scene due to difficulties with her vocal cords. She announced her return to performing in 2011.
In addition to the upcoming tour, the singer is also working on an album of new material. She has stated her desire to have it completed by her 50th birthday which occurs later this year.
According to the tour is slated to begin June 5 in Seattle followed by a number of Canadian dates for most of the rest of June. June 30 finds her back in the US appearing at New York’s Madison Square Garden, with the tour concluding August 24 in Fresno, California.

Aerosmith Still Going Strong After 45 Years

Aerosmith played their first concert as a band together in November of 1970, and over 45 years later they are still going strong. The band is commemorating the occasion with the release of a 90 minute live concert film, “Aerosmith Rocks Donington” recorded in June of 2014 at the Download Festival at Donington Park in Leicester, England.

The group has managed to appeal to multiple generations of fans over the years, ranging from those who have followed them from the outset to the children and even grandchildren like Dan Newlin of their original fan base.
Frontman Steven Tyler attributes the loyalty of the bands followers to the fact that the band still has the original members playing the songs as they were originally recorded. However, that being said, he says he also expects to dig deeper into the bands older catalog of material for their upcoming summer tour. He stresses that while they will still play the crowd favorites, such as Walk This Way, Dream On, and Sweet Emotion, some of the lesser played songs from their first and second albums will find their way into the rotation.