Equities First Holdings – French Tribune

Find out what Equities First Holdings has been doing recently. That firm has built name recognition for itself in a number of ways. The French Tribune works to fulfill its obligations to get work done right. Equities First Holdings is a popular company and will do its part in time. That firm stands a chance to showcase its services to borrowers. Stock based loans are worthwhile and people want to follow how that works as well.

The French Tribune reports that Equities First Holdings is the largest holder of stocks in Europe.That is a great designation and could prove to be a worthwhile consideration. Equities First Holdings is waiting to follow work on their own as well. The French Tribune is building a reputation for success that people really do appreciate. That convinces readers to understand what options are being extended for those in the know over time too.

Avaaz Approaches 48 Million Members Around The World

The world we live in is changing with the Internet making it easy for the majority to stay in touch with global news stories. The activist group, Avaaz was launched in 2007 to take advantage of a global audience of activists looking to understand the problems facing society in as many cultures as possible. In July 2018, Avaaz reached an unheard of level of membership with 48 million people coming together to fight injustice in all its forms.

Activists have tended to focus on a specific cause or area of concern when taking up a range of activities to affect change in their local area. However, Avaaz has focused its work on applying pressure on politicians to bring about change using the Internet as its most important area of work. This gives members of Avaaz the opportunity to put themselves in a position to learn about problems affecting societies around the world and helping to bring about positive change.

Many of the campaigns of Avaaz have been focused on the development of letter writing campaigns and Online petitions allowing members to impact life in Europe, Asia, Australasia, North America, and South America. The sheer number of members Avaaz has gained over its short life shows how important the development of a fair and open society is to a global population no longer thinking solely of their own corner of the planet.

One of the reasons Avaaz has been so important to the people of the world has been the ability of members to propose campaigns to be established as leaders of the group. Unlike many activist groups, Avaaz has generally limited itself to so-called friendly stunts raising awareness through humor without violence.

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Accurate Due Diligence is Necessary to Ensure That Private Equity Acquisitions are Profitable

Due diligence is best defined as research performed before making a purchasing decision. The devil is in the details when it comes to these sorts of decisions.


Know Where Your Prospective Company Stands Within the Market


A common issue private equity firms experience is related to sales forecasts, which is why reliable private equity due diligence is so vital. Is the business doing well? Will it continue to do well in the future? Private equity firms have to ask this question because they are constantly surveying a variety of businesses. Some firms that use a branded house strategy may acquire company operations that are completely out of the purview of their normal operations. A little bit of psychological understanding is also necessary. The seller may be looking to sell the company specifically because it is going to fail. This can be beneficial for a private equity firm because they can use their existing cash and other forms of collateral to keep the business solvent. Acquisition firms like Berkshire Hathaway have become multi-billion dollar companies because they are opportunists.


Understand the Income Statement


Most companies have a Pareto distribution in regard to sales. 80% of the income comes from 20% of the firm’s products or services. You’ll want to know where every dollar the company spends is ending up. A consulting firm that specializes in lean production may be able to identify wasteful spending. You may also want to consider hiring an executive accountant or chief financial officer that can identify ways to reduce cost. Reducing cost is important, but it is equally important that your business is creating products and services that consumers want to buy. You’ll want to know who the company’s buyers are. It’s also important to understand the positioning strategy of the business. The company may be trying to attract customers that have lost interest in the product. You can certainly fix a bad business by improving management operations, but this is a long-term strategy. Short term profits and losses may be purely psychological or based on external forces like market conditions.


Hire an Executive With Skills That Match the Company’s Needs


A bad executive hire can destroy a company. An executive with poor risk management skills may ultimately make decisions that damage the company’s sales and reputation. If you want to hire a manager for a coffee chain like Starbucks, then you should find one with strong customer service skills. If you are hiring for a company that imports steel, then you may want to hire someone that specializes in global logistics or metallurgy. They must also demonstrate strong leadership skills. Steve Jobs appointed Tim Cook as the CEO of Apple because he was the head supply chain manager for Compaq. This ended up being a brilliant hiring decision because Tim Cook could adopt processes like just-in-time manufacturing. This gave the company a lot of flexibility in terms of demand forecasting. A quality executive can make a good company even better. All employees at the top of the corporate ladder should complement each other. The best businesses are comprised of teams that build each other up as time progresses.

PSI-Pay Making Transaction easier With Digital Wallet System

PSI-Pay is a company that offers alternative banking system. The company is formally based on the UK. Its sole and main purpose is to help business organizations manage their financial matters more efficiently. It is situated in the Horsham are in West Sussex of the United Kingdom.



PSI-Pay was initially formed in the year 2007. It provides facilities like credit card services and financial services and is considered to be the largest Fintech companies in the UK. The company is licenced to issue prepaid base pay cards and other electronic payment methods which are accessible in 173 countries worldwide and in 44 available currencies. With the aid of the European Union, PSI pay can now issue MasterCard services too.



One of the trending methods of making and receiving payments these days are via digital wallets. Digital wallets are much hyped up trend of this generation. It is praised for its capability to make a place for credit, debit, loyalty card and cash. Digital wallets improve the security of carrying around money. It also enables the user to replace several cards with a single mobile device. Nowadays the Europeans readily use the facilities of digital wallets as they have the capacity to hold a range of currencies and are extremely convenient to use. They can make use of this wallet for making all sorts of payments both online and offline. Making online transactions has become extremely easy and companies like PSI-Pay are what make this possible. In Netherlands almost 80% of the retailer supports the use of contactless payment. This not only makes it more convenient for the user but also increases the security as cards are not needed to be handed over in order for making a POS. PSI-Pay experts also believe that contactless payment techniques are slowly going to become even more popular than any other form of payment methods in the near future. The security trends in the finance sector also has confirmed on the matter of digital wallet becoming a more relevant form of transaction method. People now have more trust and faith on the security level of the digital wallet than they had before because now they understand the system better.



PSI-Pay has recently entered into a partnership with Kerv in order to create a sophisticated digital wallet transaction system and not just concentrate on the production process. PSI-Pay has an affiliation with the MasterCard which will also be a very beneficial factor for the company Kerv.


Adam Milstein – The Ultimate Philanthropist

Adam Milstein was born in 1952 in Haifa, Israel, an essential seaport that is arranged on the Mediterranean float, 50 miles north of Tel Aviv. Haifa is Israel’s third greatest city and is outstanding for its brilliant setting on the inclinations of Mount Carmel. His mother stayed at home, and his father filled in as a land originator. He spent his childhood in Haifa. At 19 years of age, Milstein joined the Israeli Defense Forces. Regrettably that, in the midst of the Yom Kippur War, his separation pioneer, Ariel Sharon, would transform into the future Prime Minister of Israel.

After Adam Milstein’s organization in the Yom Kippur War completed, he married Gila. She had filled in as an officer in the Israeli equipped power and moved to Israel at six years of age from her country of origin, Morocco. With Gila, Adam found a conclusive life pal who may have the ability to rally with him to achieve a vast number he had needed continuously, grounded in a similar love for their home region of Israel.

What led Adam Milstein to become a philanthropist?

Not solely did Adam Milstein begin his territory calling at Hager Pacific Properties, anyway it was in like manner where he was first familiar with philanthropy. In the wake of experiencing financial achievement through his work, he soon found that benefitting wasn’t adequate – he wasn’t satisfied by that intrigue alone.

Possibly it was a direct result of his youth in a country that was at the same time endeavoring where it counts each day to find and guarantee its specific character. Or then again, likely, it was one of the seeds planted in him through his experience as a detach. Whatever it was, it was in the midst of these formative early extended lengths of Milstein’s calling that he turned out to enchanted with philanthropy. He comprehended that it was the reaction to a request he had tactfully searched for a significantly long time: reason. Adam Milstein knew he expected to manufacture a legacy, and for his work and the money to be a bit of something substantially more colossal than himself.


Renowned Drummer Cassio Audi Turns into a Finance Bigwig

Brazil is well known for its diverse music scene from samba to pagode. In the 80s however, rock music was the genre of the decade that saw a good number of rock bands come up. One such band is Viper which attained stardom far and wide thanks to its talented drummer Cassio Audi.

History of Viper

Viper was made up of Cassio Audi the drummer, Andre Matos the lead singer, and guitarists: Felipe Machado, brothers Yves Passarell and Pit Passarell. They played different genres of rock which included alternative rock, heavy rock, thrash rock, and metal rock. At the time of the band’s formation in 1985, they were all about 15 years old and lived in Sao Paulo.Viper dropped their first demo The Killera Sword in 1985 followed by their first album Soldiers of Sunrise in 1987. This album catapulted them into international fame with tours in not only Brazil but also countries in Asia and Europe. They also got featured in rock magazines like Kerrang, Metal Forces and Metal Hammer. Cassio left the group in 1989 to focus on financial career.

About Cassio Audi

Cassio graduated from Pontifical Catholic University with a degree in Business Administration in 1994 and went ahead to pursue an MBA from the University of Sao Paulo. His career kicked off at JP Morgan Chase as a trader and stock and fixed income analyst in 1992. He worked there till 1996 when he moved to Dow Chemical, a US chemical and plastics company, as a Senior Financial Analyst. Seeking more significant challenges, Cassio joined Gilette (Proctor & Gamble) becoming the Chief Financial Officer from 1997 to 2006. In 2006 he became CFO of a private equity corporation, Brookfield Asset Management. During his tenure here, he led about 16 significant acquisitions, and in 2007 he coordinated the greatest real estate mergers and acquisitions approaching an estimated $1 billion. With these accomplishments in hand, Audi became the Investor Relations Officer and also CFO of Rossi Residential until 2013 when he resigned.


While the young generation may only know of Cassio Audi, the finance mogul, an older generation remembers him as the star of Viper and Brazil rock music.

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Stream Energy Assists Hurricane Harvey Disaster

Natural calamities are difficult to avoid. Most governments will do anything humanly possible to prevent these calamities from happening, but they will still take place and claim lives. Some of the natural disasters that have taken place in the past have affected so many lives, and they have been remembered for several decades. The largest and most prominent countries of the world have not been left behind. Several months ago, Hurricane Harvey came and dropped a lot of floods in Houston and its neighborhood. People in the country were forced to watch helplessly while most parts of the country were flooded. So many lives were lost because of this disaster. There are few individuals who lost their beautiful homes and pets because of the natural disaster.

When these things happen, the community is always affected. There are many companies in the world. Some of these institutions have been in business for a long time, and they have enjoyed great profits despite the changes taking place in the market. When there are natural calamities, there are many companies that choose to ignore the people who are suffering while others take this opportunity and change the lives of the people who find themselves in trouble. When Hurricane Harvey came knocking, many companies thought about the issue and decided to offer a helping hand. Texas has so many successful business ventures, and so it was easy for influential companies to step in and assist the individuals who were affected.

Stream Energy is among the Houston based companies that have been performing so well in the complicated market. Stream Energy has been serving the people in Dallas and its environments for some time now, and it has now established a special branch that will take care of the needs of the people in the society. The foundation will be known as Stream Care, and it is expected to transform many lives. During the Hurricane Harvey calamity, Stream energy decided to take up the responsibility of assisting the communities that were affected. The donations from the company have assisted so many individuals so far. Stream energy is even looking forward to cater to the needs of more people in the future.


Aloha Construction Winners of BBB Torch AWard

Majority of the business across the globe have failed to engage in ethical and professional behaviors in the course of conducting day to day activities. Across the different sectors, clients are at a receiving end since businesses have become profit oriented. For instance, increased competition has not only led to poor quality of goods and services delivery but also to the lack of customer satisfaction. Therefore, to cultivate sanity and encourage business ethics in the market, various stakeholders have come together to recognize the organizations that engage in business professionalism. One such type of the award is Better Business Bureau, which is given to businesses conducting their business ethically. The awarding of the BBB award is after considering numerous factors that do involve not only business perspective but also the contributions towards the society. As a result, the proud recipient of the 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics is Aloha Construction. The panel of judges declared Aloha Construction as the winner due to several reasons and the main one being the regular contributions it has done to the local community.

Torch Award was incepted in 1996 with the aim of honoring organizations that demonstrate social responsibility, leadership, high standards in ethics for the benefit of the consumers, best practices among other traits that aim to benefit the customer and the whole society. Aloha Construction was nominated and eventually won the BBB award due to the corporate social responsibilities it has towards the community. To demonstrate one of the many ways through which Aloha Construction engage in giving back to the society is partnering with Learning Express to facility a toy shopping spree event for all the needy families within the community. Through the charitable branch, David Farbaky Foundation the Aloha Construction has become a helping hand to the needy. Besides, the company is involved in many philanthropic activities such as the sponsoring Roselle Medinah baseball and donating money to help children with cancer. For a company to receive the BBB award the six criteria that must be meet are as follows: Leaders commit to ethical behavior, communication of ethical practice, leadership that ensures unity in the organization, organization commit to ethical employees management practices and organization commitment towards the community.


Neurocore Reveals that Heart Healthy Diet Also Saves the Brain

Ask Reporter recently published Rob McKinsey’s article “Neurocore: Fueling the Brain with Food” which discusses how the brain requires the right kind of energy derived from food. The kinds of food people eat have an impact on their brain’s performance.

The understanding of how the sources of nutrients affect our brains have greatly increased in recent years. A healthy diet is key to maintaining a healthy body and a healthy brain. A healthy diet is capable of preserving particular proteins located in the brain and has the possibility of decreasing the risk of mental illnesses. Neurocore, a neuroscience business, is dedicated to discovering the best ways to maintain and improve brain health. Visit manta.com to know more about Neurocore.

Neurocore suggests that there is a connection between the health of the heart and the health of the brain. Keeping your heart healthy can have a huge positive impact on the brain. One study examined more than 500 different participants over the course of three decades. Those who were following a healthy diet and exercise regimen that kept the heart healthy had less brain shrinkage caused by aging. Brain volume is connected to health, meaning shrinkage can reveal detrimental age-related loss of cognitive function.

Neurocore also encourages people to eat a diet that is rich in superfoods. These nutrient dense foods are particularly helpful in slowing the aging of the brain as well as helping the rest of the body remain healthy. Neurocore suggests superfoods like raw honey, chia seeds, cinnamon, and healthy fats. Raw honey contains a variety of antioxidants that can lower the risk of certain cancers. It also helps the brain produce melatonin which helps the body sleep better. Cinnamon is a superfood that aids with inflammation. By reducing inflammation, it can help lower blood pressure and cholesterol, preventing diseases like diabetes. Chia seeds are a source of Omega-3 fatty acids that enable the brain to function properly. Not getting enough Omega-3’s can cause cognitive decline and diseases like Alzheimer’s. See more information at Linkedin about Neurocore.

Neurocore encourages everyone to take care of their brain by consuming a healthy diet full of omega-3’s, healthy fats, and superfoods. Neurocore seeks to raise awareness about brain health and encourages people to make healthy choices for their mental and physical health.

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Michael Burwell Bags The CFO Position At Willis Tower Watson


Ideally, good organizational leaders have credibility and can be trusted to guide employees towards achieving the firm’s vision. Using this definition, it is clear that leadership skills have to be applied to any situation that requires professionalism, socialism, and achieving success. For Michael Burwell, these are instrumental aspects that have propelled him towards attaining a successful career as a chief financial officer. First announced in 2017, Burwell was appointed to serve as the CFO of Willis Towers Watson. He assumed the role in October and until now he has successfully been serving in that capacity.



Before this appointment, Burwell worked in different companies with the first one being PricewaterhouseCoopers where he served for about 31 years. In addition to that, he is a CPA holder and a trained accountant with the ability to offer competitive financial services to clients. In the past, he has applied these skills in serving different departments under the same company. As such, he was acknowledged for his expertise in leveraging excellent services. Other positions he held at PwC include the head of Global Transformation, CFO, and a successful partner. See Related Link for additional information.


The Appointment

First announced by the CEO of Willis Towers Watson, Mr. John Haley, the appointment of Burwell was fueled by his experience in finance. He added that he was elated to welcome him as the management would have an additional talent to the already existing pool. Haley also noted that Burwell is suited for the position because he has been working for international firms in the past.


The Observation

With that said, Michael Burwell is an alumnus of the Michigan State University where he earned a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Being a CPA holder, he has committed his entire career to the transitioning world of finance. Moreover, he has vast experience in pre-mergers and due diligence analysis. Alongside his immense skills in managing global strategic funding, Burwell is an outstanding leader that deserves the honor he is receiving. For those who aspire to work in the world of finance, this is the perfect role model to look up to. Not only is he qualified for the job but also well versed with the trends in the industry.


Reference Link: https://globenewswire.com/news-release/2017/08/21/1090621/0/en/Willis-Towers-Watson-announces-new-Chief-Financial-Officer.html