All You Need To Know About Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva

Chris is an active practitioner and the founder of the MB2 Dental. He established a company to allow doctors to focus on their work which is offering outstanding dental services to their patients. Dr. Christ Villanueva is always focused on employing the exact people hence giving them the motivation and inspiration to do what they loved doing most. He is a visionary who is promoting dentists and the community industry.

Where did the notion of MB2 Dentals come from?

According to Dr. Chris, the idea came to him just after he graduated from dental school. Chris wanted to make a business model that would be able to change the lives of both the practitioners and the patients. In this firm, Dr. Chris is working together with smart and inventive group members that help the company stay industrious. Micromanaging or interfering is not his thing, however, he likes allowing people to do what they want in their own way.

When he started his company, Chris knew what was required to deliver vital support without any strings attached. He did all this without compromising the reliability of his profession. Since finding the company, many practitioners have benefited from its support. The company is looking forward to continuing supporting practitioners. Dr. Chris needed to bring something new to the industry, so he started MB2 Dentals which focuses on a lot more than profits.

MB2 Dental is a dentist owned company which pays a lot of attention to self-government, support, individual growth as well as having fun together. According to Dr. Villanueva, the firm has supported practitioners at not less than 70 linked locations across six states and has 533 workers. Normal dental practice supervision networks are like customary dental practices

Why is MB2 Dentals different?

The firm acknowledges that practitioners often need specialized help. Since he worked with in community dentistry and is a sole practitioner, he was quite familiar with obstacles that were as a result of common practices management network. He saw the potentials and the opportunities that would come up when the problems are solved. The MB2 Network consists of independent members, therefore, making the firm more of an organized community of dentists. Compared to other traditional dentists, the MB2 dentists have greater credibility.

What is the future of MB2 Dentals?

By working with MB2, Practitioners are able to come together and achieve a lot of things than what they would have when working individually. The firm gives a youthful and fresh perspective on how dental management practice development ought to work. This is changing the lives of patients and the practitioner for the better good.

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Avaaz: An Active Platform

Anyone who is ever hosted a party knows that getting everyone together can be harder than it should be. Corning large groups of people have likely been the headache of activists for centuries. Luckily the modern era has found a solution to many things including the hassle of bringing like-minded people together to affect change. A convenience new way to get involved with calls is that matter to you is through a website known as Avaaz. This website is a haven for those who struggle with how to get involved. It boasts a variety of ways for activists to champion their causes.

One way that new activists can easily get involved is through nifty tools such as emailing your leader directly. This allows individuals to compose an email highlighting their grievances or concerns for the leader. It takes all the guesswork out of who the email in regards to your pet issue. They also have a variety of other handy and simple mechanisms for making your opinion known. Another example of these mechanisms is digital petitions. These digital petitions are easy-to-read and even easier to sign. This way organizers can easily collect signatures. The simple but effective approach is a far cry from the traditional method of collecting signatures one by one.

The method by which an issue turns into a campaign has a few parts. The first part is usually a suggestion being made. From there the suggestion is evaluated by staff members to ferret out its potential as a campaign. If they believe that this given issue would make a valuable addition to their platform they send emails to their members of random and gauge the responses they receive. With sufficient community support, they move forward and create a new campaign for the given issue. Campaigns can vary, while the methods listed are the simplest they are not the only ones employed. More traditional tactics of sit-ins or picketing can be employed. These are excellent options for the more active activists. Whether members decide to take this more active approach is up to them. What is clear is that Avaaz makes an excellent place for citizens to get involved across the globe. More about Avaaz

The OSI Group: A Century of Innovation, Quality, and Service

There are not many companies that can say that they have endured the ups and downs, the good time and bad, the trials and tribulations of being around for over a century, and even fewer that can say that in the process they have not only become an industry leader, but also an innovator, and a force to looked at for the future. The OSI Group can say these things and more. The OSI Group started out as a single man with a desire to make a living for his family. Today the company is a long way from the small corner shop known to the German immigrants of the Oak Park neighborhood of Chicago’s West Side as Otto’s Meat Market. These days the OSI Group is the leading provider of proteins to the largest food service distribution entities in the world. What started out as a way for Otto Kolschowsky to feed his family has grown into a “Meat Market for the World” feeding millions of people high-quality proteins and related products on every continent except Antarctica.

Otto was the son of German immigrant parents. The men of his family had been butchers for generations and it was a trade that his father taught to him at an early age. The family moved to Chicago to take advantage of the fact that it was the meatpacking capital of the world. Chicagoan of the turn of the century seemingly could not get enough meat in their lives, and that meant that those with the skills to butcher high-quality cuts were in demand. Otto decided that he would try his hand at running his own meat market and soon he was the talk of the town, not only for his high-quality cuts, but also his fair pricing, and his extremely high regard for customer’s satisfaction. After a bit, the name Otto’s meat became synonymous with the best available products in the area, and he had to expand his market to include a wholesale operation to accommodate his hotel and restaurant clients. This is also when he renamed the business Otto & Sons Meat, bringing his two boys into the firm and teaching them the meat business just as his father had taught him.

A lot of changes were underway for Otto and his sons, but there was one more that was coming that they could not have possibly dreamed of. A small burger and shakes shack out of San Bernardino, California had been rapidly growing and expanding across the US with what the owners called “Speedee Service”. A franchise model and modernized operation brought into the company by Roy Kroc had quickly made the name McDonald’s a household brand. As the desire for the famous hamburgers, fries and shakes grew more dominant, the company needed to expand its supply chain network and that meant finding meat providers that were up to the task in each of its major operating markets. In the upper Midwest McDonald’s turned to Otto & Sons. It was a decision that would forever change both companies and lead to unprecedented success that has yet to ever be matched in the food service industry.

Within just a few short years Otto & Sons expanded into being the sole provider of proteins for the McDonald’s system in the United States and Canada. As the company grew to better serve McDonald’s McDonalds also grew to better serve the world. Soon Otto & Sons, now known as OSI Industries found itself not only being the “Meat Man” to the world’s biggest fast-food chain but also providing high-quality proteins to other distribution networks. Along the way, they develop innovations that changed the food service industry and the meatpacking industry from the inside out. They also developed a reputation for being a company that distributors wanted to do business with because they knew that they would be treated fairly and with consideration.

Today The OSI Group employs more than 20,000 people at 65 faculties in 17 countries. New facilities open every year, and more countries are slated to have operations introduced in the next 3-5 years. The company provides food products in the form of traditional proteins as well as protein alternative and specialty products to every major developed region of the world. OSI the largest provider of beef alternative in India and pork alternative in the middle east. As for being on every continent except Antarctica OSI’s President likes to joke “just wait, we may have an operation there soon enough”. Joke or not, one thing is for sure, if the market ever dictates a need, you can bet OSI will be the first to sell beef to the penguins.

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Nick Vertucci new book is a motivation to many investors

Nick Vertucci is the chief executive officer and the founder of Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy. The academy specializes in educating and giving advice on real estate investments. Nick comes from a humble background, but due to his determination and hard work, today he owns one of the fastest growing academies with branches all over across united states.

His is a story of inspiration, having lost his dad while he was just ten years old, his mother struggled financially to raise them. After school, he started his business of selling computer accessories. His cash later suffered the dot-com bubble, and he lost all his investments. Nick Vertucci never gave up, then he joined real estate business as an investor, and he succeeded. As a result, Nick launched his real estate academy which is known as NVREA.

Nick Vertucci is passionate about helping other people to succeed in life. Recently, he launched his new book Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed. His new book serves as a guide and a commentary. This book offers everyone the power to unlock personal potential and succeed. The book allows the reader to connect with Nick as he talks about his personal life challenges and his journey to success. In details, Nick illustrates his principles in relation to real estate investment.

In Seven Figure Decisions: Having the Balls to Succeed, Nick explains how he applied his principles and worked for him in his real estate venture. In further details, Nick talks to the reader emphasizing that you don’t have to play safe to succeed. He explains how he embraced change and corrected his past mistakes. The book covers various topics that are meant to encourage the reader to succeed in their endeavors.

Some of the topics Nick covered in his book include why it is essential to come from the point of service to others rather than self-service. He also writes about how to overcome fears and allow the mindset to achieve the dreams. And lastly, Nick explains how to aim higher and how this can help improve career outcome.

Most people have read the book, and they have given an exceptional review saying that it is a high motivation and very inspiring. Nick has also been endorsed by Kevin Harrington who is an American investor. Kevin terms Nick’s story as impelling having come from grass to grace then back to grass and to grace again.

The Stars Align for Childish Gambino’s New Hit Single

Not only an artist, Donald Glover is a writer with chops and rhyming capabilities, not to mention a standup comedian. Jack of all trades, and likely master of some too, Glover has tried every different avenue down the path towards stardom. Or, perhaps he has just been letting his creativity flourish among his range of crafts. Either way, it could be safe to say the one thing that was missing over the years was timing.

His debut album, Camp, in which he began using the pseudonym “Childish Gambino” and worked with a Swedish composer by the name of Ludwig Goransson, carried a different style and tone than the later release Awaken My Love. The latter displays Childish Gambino’s funk inspired, melodic vocal capabilities. The theme of Awaken was one of intense romance with singles like “Redbone”, vastly distinct from the angsty attempts at aggression in “Bonfire”.

The world may not have been ready for what Childish Gambino had been expressing in the beginning, a sentiment which predecessors like Drake and Young Thug have since reigned into mainstream rap culture. Today, the ideas of awkwardness involving melodic MCs are more widely accepted than way back in 2011. The climate of society has made sweeping changes in just over 5 years.

The evidence of mutual growth is apparent when examining Childish’s lyrics and dance moves in the video “Freaks and Geeks” versus the new viral explosion “This is America”. Childish Gambino teams up with some of the most renowned rap artists, including Young Thug, for this new single. The timing is now perfect for Glover, as his music release synced up with his SNL appearance and the premier of the highly anticipated new Star Wars movie where he plays Lando Calrissian.

Janet Jackson Nominated For Icon Award

Janet Jackson is receiving an award that has been a long time in the making. At the 2018 Billboard Music Awards this month, Jackson will be the recipient of the coveted Icon Award. The awards ceremony takes place May 20 and will be held in Las Vegas.


Jackson has had a stellar career spanning through the decades. Born into the famous Jackson family on May 16, 1966, Janet Jackson was the youngest child in a family of talented musicians. Jackson got her first opportunity to appear on stage in April of 1974. Along side her brother Randy, she took the stage for the Jackson Family’s Las Vegas act where she sang and did impressions. Two years later she appeared on “The Jacksons”, a summer televised series. Her amazing performance gained her much attention which led to her role on “Good Times” from 1977-1979. She moved on to more series including “A New Kind Of Family”, “Different Strokes” and “Fame”. Under the wing of older brother Michael, Jackson released her first album “Janet Jackson” in 1982. It had three hit singles and was a great lead in to her follow up album, “Dream Street”. In 1986 Jackson hit it big with her album “Control” which sold a whopping eight million copies. Jackson went on to release more albums, each doing remarkably well, and Jackson found herself at the top of her game. Along with her musical career, Jackson appeared in a few hit movies including “Poetic Justice” and “Boyz n the Hood”.


To this day, Jackson has continued to work and stay busy. To date, she has been nominated for 18 Billboard Music Awards and won 10 of them. She has her popular “State of the World” tour taking place this summer as well as performances at Essence Festival, Outside Lands and Panorama. Along with all that, it is certain she will be at this years Billboard Music Awards to receive this iconic award where she’ll find herself in great company. Previous winners include Stevie Wonder, Cher, Celie Dion, Prince and so many more. For more information, click here.

Ski Mask and XXXTENTACION Seemingly End Beef

Florida souncloud rappers XXXTENTACION and Ski Mask the Slump God reunited this weekend at the Rolling Loud Festival in Miami. During Ski Mask’s Sunday set, “X” walked onto the stage, unannounced. Ski Mask, in the middle of performing a song, exchanged words with his former collaborator. Fans could hear the rappers each say their love for one another. “I love you, bro,” X said and Ski Mask responded, “I love you too, fam.” As the crowd cheered, the two hugged each other.

You can see the reunion on Youtube, here.

Not long ago, the two were engaged in an ugly beef with each other, with X saying harsh things about Ski Mask. At one point XXXTENTACION that he would not release any more music until Ski Mask would agree to be his friend again. Over time, their beef began to disappear, with Ski Mask saying he still “had love” for X, but that he would keep his distance due to X’s “crazy” nature. Much of the origin of the beef has been kept out of the public eye, leaving fans confused and curious. In a recent interview, X gave more insight into how the artistic and personal relationship began to fall apart, saying, “It was a lack of appreciation on his end… he put a business perspective before a personal relationship”.

The two rappers are known for pioneering the incredibly popular Florida soundcloud sound of mumble rap and aggressive beats. Their similar lyrical flows and musical styles have led fans of each individual rapper to become fans of both artists. The reunion should be welcome news to the XXXTENACION and Ski Mask fanbases. Ski Mask the Slump God released a new mixtape this past week and X is touring after the success of his latest album, “?”.

Cardi B Issues Apology For Those Offended By Single “Grils”

Cardi B recently took to Twitter to offer up an apology following the recent uproar surrounding her collaborative song “Girls” with Rita Ora. Cardi B claimed she never meant to cause any harm and never intended to cause distress for anyone with the song. She went on to discuss that she, personally, had many experiences with women and she felt the song was good, one that made her remember her many experiences. She then, in a second tweet, addressed the LGBTQ Community to apologize for any offensive language that was used and that when she collaborated on the song, she didn’t find anything to be offensive.


This apology seemed genuine, but this is not the singers first time in trouble with the LGBTQ community. Just months prior, Cardi B was forced to defender her fiancé, Offset, for his lyrics that read “I cannot vibe with queers”, which prompted Cardi B to take to social media and prompt readers to “educate people”. She went on to claim that many people simply are unaware of what is wrong and right within the LGBTQ community.


On May 11, the single “Girls” was dropped and included what Ora referred to as a gender fluid freedom to it. The public simply doesn’t agree as the song was met with immediate criticism and pushback from many queer musicians. Many feel the song does nothing beyond prey on bisexual stereotypes, one artist went so far to call the song tone deaf. Ora jumped on social media to defend her single stating that the single is actually a very accurate account of a very real and very honest experience. She went on to note that she has had many romantic relationships with both women and ben in her lifetime and this song reflects part of her personal experiences. She id note that she meant no harm and apologized if anyone felt hurt. She had no intention of causing any harm to anyone with her music. She then noted that she homes that she can continue expressing her feelings and her true self through her music and that it will help her fans feel empowered and proud of themselves.


While people were quick to jump on the attack for the song, if Ora is being honest and this is her real and true experience, she truly meant no harm to anyone. For more information and links to all the tweets involved in this debate, click here.

Rapper T.I. Arested On Alcohol Related Charges

As everyone knows, famed rapper T.I. is no stranger to legal troubles. The talented rapper has sat out time behind bars instead of working on his incredible career, but come out the other side with stories to weave into his songs. Now, he’ll have a new legal woe to write about, the singer was recently arrested for Disorderly Conduct and Public Drunkenness.

T.I., who’s legal name is Clifford Harris Jr., was arrested around 4am in Georgia, according to the Henry County Police Department. The rapper arrived at a gated community, the same one he resides in, but did not have his key in his possession. He then began demanding the guards let him in, repeatedly asking them if they were aware of who he was. Eventually, the guards granted the musician entrance into the community. After a short time, T.I. returned, on foot, to the guard window to confront the guard again. He had also called a friend to come to his aid, the friend joined in as the two harshly confronted the guard, and eventually this led to the police being called. The friend, who’s name is unknown at this time, was also arrest due to an outstanding warrant he had.

T.I. is no stranger to the legal system, he even tends to refer to himself as a multiple felon in his own songs. Beginning back in 1998, T.I. was sentenced to three years for distribution of cocaine, manufacturing and distributing of a controlled substance and providing law enforcement with a false name. After serving just one year of the sentence, the rapper was paroled. In 2004 he was once again on the wrong side of the law when he was busted for a violation of his parole. In 2007 he faced prosecutors in a court room who pulled out every card, fighting to send the rapper away for a long time following a string of weapons relate convictions. He served one year and one day in prison following the court case. Most recently, in 2010 the singer and his wife were both arrested in Los Angeles on drug possession charges.

While there is no doubt that the entertainer has an opportunity for a bright and prosperous future in the music industry, his legal woes seem to creep up often enough to find a way to hold him back. For more information on this arrest, head to Huffington Post.

Migos and Drake: Coming to a City Near You

Hip hop fans will never turn down a golden opportunity to see their favorite artists take the stage. Fortunately, fans will get a chance to see two of the hottest hip hop acts in the game today. Drake is scheduled to go on tour with Migos. This dazzling showcase begins July 26 in Salt Lake City.

It may sound strange, but Drake had a rocky relationship with Migos in the past. Their relationship started back in 2013 when Drake made a cameo appearance on Versace. His contribution to the project helped the Migos get off to a great start with their career. Rarely do you see an international hip hop icon take a chance on an upstart rap group. In this instance, it seems like Drake’s hospitality has helped Migos hit pay dirt.

Versace became a huge hit and it helped Migos become the new players on the scene. Things took a turn for the worst one of the members accused Drake of stealing their unique style of flowing on the microphone. Things settled down when both parties realized that it was a big misunderstanding. This is great news since hip hop does not need more negative publicity.

Drake and Migos have a big reputation for heating things up when they touch the microphone. This is the main reason why many hip hop critics and insiders are looking forward to the upcoming tour. Some feel that this tour is long overdue. Hip hop needs more talented artists to work together.

Tickets go on sale on May 15. The grand finale for the tour will take place in Atlanta on November 17. It’s vital for die-hard hip hop fans to get their tickets early. With two head-banging acts performing on one stage, it’s logical to assume that tickets are bound to go fast.