TechStyle: Don Ressler’s Company Brings Art That People Wear

While there are practical uses for clothes. However, this does not mean that people can’t take pride in style. People who dismiss the idea of wearing clothes that look good are missing out on the advantages that it could bring. The fact of the matter is that most people care about looks. Among the people they judge mostly for their looks is themselves. Therefore, they may find that they don’t feel good about themselves when they are wearing dull clothing. Among the people who feel as if they are in an emotional rut are those that are wearing boxy and boring outfits.


Don Ressler sees the effect that the type of clothes could have on an individual. For one thing, people who feel like they are stuck just need to change their wardrobe to add a little edge to it in order to experience a new sense of life. The only thing is that people need to know where to look, especially the men. It is harder for men to truly stand out with the limited styles and designs that are being brought to the men. However, women get to enjoy a lot of the innovations that are being brought forth from Don Ressler’s TechStyle company.


One thing that could be said about the fashion that comes from TechStyle is that it is art. However, it is not just the type of art that people look at. It is the type of art that people could wear. One thing about fashion is that it is the type of art that the consumer can participate in. There is the art of putting together the designs and bringing forth the different sizes and colors. Then the consumer can participate in the art of putting together an outfit that she likes. She could go for something simple. She could also choose the size and the fit so that she can present the image that she wants to people. Don Ressler is very passionate about bringing this to people of all shapes and sizes. TechStyle is definitely making progress in bringing fun and creativity back into fashion.

Rick Smiths’ Job at the Correctional Facilities

Achieving success in one’s career is something that can well be used to describe Rick Smith of Securus Technology. Having always performed well in anything he set his mind on, his educational background speaks volumes on his exemplary focus which made him succeed throughout his life. His educational background has played a significant role in enabling him to rise swiftly in his career. To begin with, Rick Smith was awarded his associates degree from Rochester Institute of Technology. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the State University of New York. Rick Smith also did receive his MBA from the University of Rochester, Simon School.

After finishing his studies, Rick Smith Secures and started pursuing his career in telecommunications and years later he had accumulated a wide knowledge that enabled his hold a series of leadership roles. At Frontier Corporation, Rick held different quite some positions as Technologies President. When he had worked at Midwest Telephone Company he had had the opportunity to become the Vice President of Operations; also as it Network Plant Operations Director; he also became the Director of Business Development and finally the company’s Financial Manager. His career also saw him work for Global Crossing North America Inc. and while working here, he was graced to hold other many positions in IT, in operations, business development, and finance.

In 2008, Securus Technologies came calling on him and because of his accumulated skill sets and experience where he was appointed to the position of CEO. This appointment was aimed at bringing a new energetic spirit into the company so as to help guide and propel the company to attain more success. Securus Technology Company was established in the year 1986. The company was then contracted by the United States Government to provide cutting edge civil and criminal justice technology solutions to its correctional facilities. Through this, the company ensured that the public was kept safe through modernizing the prison systems in the United States. The company now provides its services to many correctional facilities spread across the country with its central quarter being in the State of Texas with other many regional offices found in other parts of the country in places such as Carrollton, Allen, Atlanta, and Georgia.

During his appointment, Rick Smith went on to mention about the company’s unrelenting commitment to its mandate of providing the best technological solutions to the prison systems. He praised the company for helping those incarcerated in the prisons a reliable communication system to connect back to their loved ones. In his statement, he also added that the firm has been on the forefront in providing assisting technology that helps investigators to connect the missing links in their investigations. He added that the company’s ability to connect prisoners to their families has aided in helping those affected to heal and intern their loved ones get to accept their realities.

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Susan McGalla Rises as Marketing Expert and Business Leader

Susan McGalla is definitely changing the way that women look at the careers that are available in marketing. Susan has a degree in marketing, and this has taken her too many great positions in the corporate world. She has been able to sustain herself as a brand-building expert, and her skills have been shown in many different business Industries. She has worked in the clothing industry for many years and this is where she rose to the prestigious position of a CEO twice.

In her current role Susan McGalla took on a role as a branding expert for a football team. The fact that she has been able to land such a high-level position for revamping the clothing line for the Pittsburgh Steelers is further proof that her branding expertise is valuable.

This is a type of business role that is usually reserved for men, but Susan has proven that she can do the same type of quality work that men are capable of when it comes to building a brand.

Susan McGalla has definitely proven that she is one of the best when it comes to building a brand, but that is not the only place where she excels. Susan has also shown that she knows how to lead. In her roles as a CEO for clothing companies like American Eagle Susan was able to get people to follow her lead. She knows how to conduct business deals, and she know where she needed to focus in order to make American Eagle successful. Over the years she has proven that she can totally transform the way a company functions. This is good for any companies that may have issues with the employees and the leadership strategies. Susan has proven over the years that a company can be successful if the right strategies are put in place to maximize the potential for revenue. With American Eagle the board of directors were elated about the marketing strategies that she put in place. The company rose to become one of the most popular companies for teenagers and young adults during her reign.

Leading Philanthropist and Entrepreneur Greg Secker is Doing Marvelous Things

Greg Secker, founder of SmartCharts, the very latest in the trading technology business has made the trading process simpler by increasing the level of interaction and functionality as well as the performance and ease that has never been used before with various other trading platforms. This helped to aid in the success of the Learn to Trade program which has gained various awards in it’s time of existence. By allowing the numerous clients of the trade world to be able to make a trade with the simplicity of one click instead of many.

An award winning broker that brings fast trade offers for Forex, Capital Index is top of its class. It allows for the clients to access the advances in FX charting for technology combined with sophistication order management accessories that help you to bring monitoring and control to the position both efficiently and quickly.

The client service which provides professional management account services, FX Capital is making coverage of the global Forex Markets to an all time high. By using the strategies as well as the Algorithms approach from the SmartCharts is allowing for consistent growth while allowing for the safeguarding of the various investors capital.

Greg has also lended his ear to being a international as well as motivational speaker. Being featured on the assortment of major market channels like Bloomberg and CNBC, Greg is known as being a recognized global speaker. He has had the pleasure of speaking beside well known personalities like Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Robbins along with various other speakers. While working on these events, Greg is also working with a number of prominent charities and creating events like the Global Success Summit which is in South Africa.

One of the best things that Greg Secker has done has been the creation of the Greg Secker Foundation. This non-profit organization was brought to life in 2010. Working beside Greg’s focus, the role the foundation has created is to improve overall life quality for various people around the globe. The foundation focuses on education, leadership initiatives and life skills needed in order to bring success to your life. The foundation is changing lives little by little through the various programs it uses globally.

Securus Technologies – Providing Advanced Inmate Communications and Criminal Justice Technology at Affordable Price

Technology plays a pivotal role in maintaining law and order in the correctional facilities as well as in the communities. Thanks to the companies such as Securus Technologies, the criminal justice, and crime prevention technology is advancing at a rapid pace in the last couple of decades. Securus Technologies also provides highly interactive, affordable, and reliable inmate communication services to the inmates to ensure that they can talk with their loved ones on a regular basis.


The inmate communication services offered by Securus Technologies are safe, secure, and affordable. Most other companies in this field offer their services at a very steep price, but Securus Technologies provide such services at a cost much lower than its counterparts. More than a million inmates are using the products and services of Securus Technologies, and the count continues to increase at a rapid pace each quarter.


Securus Technologies is based out of Dallas, Texas, where it has its headquarters, but the company also has its regional offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Allen. As the operational territory of the enterprise continues to expand at a rapid pace, opening up of new local offices are being contemplated by the enterprise’s management. The Chief Executive Officer of Securus Technologies, Rick Smith, said in a press release the company released recently that it would love for the potential and existing customers to visit the company’s technology center in Dallas, Texas. Rick Smith is confident about the technology as well as the future of the enterprise and wants to exhibit the advances made by the corporation’s research and development team.


Moreover, the press release also contained the comments of the law enforcement officers who were full of praises for products and services offered by Securus Technologies. The law enforcement officers feel that the services provided help them work efficiently and makes a tremendous contribution towards keeping the crime rate low in the prison and outside.


Felipe Montoro Jens Points To Improved Services With Concessions

In Brazil, governmental concessions could aid basic sanitation services. The government has announced that there will be concessions in partnership with BNDES (Banco Nacional de Desenvolvimento Econômico e Social), which is the national bank for social and economic development. The water supply sector is very optimistic about this. Felipe Montoro Jens believes that services will improve in terms of management as well as structural and resource areas. Levels of loss and waste of water should drop as well.


Currently, 90% of water supply in Brazil is done by federal or state institutions. Incentivizing the private sector to participate is not done to remove the government from the scenario, but many believe that governmental and private companies can work in partnership to improve the quality of services such as water supply.

Officials point out that the private sector has more resources and advanced technology to manage the water services of the country. It is important to promote further investment in the sewage networks and great effort to promote significant improvement to the public institutions.


Some analysts point out that both federal and private institutions are rated as satisfactory in providing the same services. Others look deeper and also take into account a number of funds required to obtain levels of approval and not only what was achieved. It is important management meets the needs of the citizens. Furthermore, it is important to make sure that with concessions, the agreements of services are being met, states Felipe Montoro Jens.


Felipe Montoro Jens has worked at Terna S.p.A. (Enel Group S.p.A.), Enron and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He earned a BA in Business Administration from FGV, and a Masters in International Management from Thunderbird, The American Garvin School of International Management.



Felipe Montoro Jens also writes articles. He also speaks about private and governmental sectors.


Matthew Autterson’s financial Career

Investment management is the proficient asset running of a number of securities which may include bonds and share or even properties so that implemented objectives can be achieved for the investors. Some of the investors who will profit from these are; organizations, retirement funds, charitable companies and indemnity firms.

In the world there must be the best and top investment management firms, they include; Prudential Investment Management Inc, Fidelity Investments Money Management Inc and Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP. The reason behind their accomplishment is as follows; they receive important advice that has good aims, development in their investment collection, balanced treatment and customers getting increased earnings.

Matthew Autterson is an expert in investment management who stands on his own. Apart from focusing on investment management, he is also an excellent financial consultant. Mattew Autterson is a board member of directors of Falci Adaptive Biosystems (FAB). He successfully graduated with a B.S degree in Finance from Michigan State University in 1979, later on, he located in Colorado. After University he started his occupation in the financial services business and landed at First Trust Corporation.

Matthew Autterson worked hard and became the co-founder of Resource Trust Company, a state-chartered trust firm in Colorado. In the year 1986, Matthew Autterson was appointed the president of the firm and it was among the biggest organizations to deal with finance. The company was in charge of supplying retirement asset services plan.

This process was sold by over 10,000 self-governing financial planners to customers. Resource Trust Company made $20 billion assets and had over 500 staff members. Due it’s so much achievement in the Financial field, Resource Trust became the biggest state-chartered financial firm in Colorado. After sometime Matthew decided to leave Resource Trust and started dealing with estate and tax planning. His experience in the financial services industry lasted for 25 years indicating his prosperity.

De La Soul’s Latest Video Breaks Barriers

Hip-hop legends De La Soul recently recorded a track called “Drawn.” This song features Little Dragon, a critically acclaimed alternative R&B band. This song is highlighted by a wonderful performance from Yukimi Nagano, Little Dragon’s lead singer. Despite Nagano’s lush and beautiful vocal performance, this is a a fairly dark and experimental video. The video was directed by J. Anders Urmacher, an up-and-coming director who may achieve much over the course of his career. “Drawn” is the latest single from De La Soul’s most recent album, “And The Anonymous Nobody.” This classic hip-hop band is undertaking a fairly extensive tour over the summer and fall of 2017.


It is gratifying to see that De La Soul has continued to produce high-quality material. Fortunately, the activities of this group have been covered by a variety of mainstream music journalists. Without doubt, it seems that De La Soul is poised to continue achieving critical and commercial acclaim for many years to come. I believe this group has certainly earned its status as a deeply influential and well-respected musical act. This group first achieved massive success in the late 1980s when they released “3 Feet High And Rising,” a seminal 80s hip-hop record.


I must admit that De La Soul initially achieved recognition for their unusual fashion sense. Unlike most of their peers in rap, this group gravitated towards tie-dye, vibrant colors and imposing hats. Many people compared this group’s image to the colorful fashions of the 1960s and the aesthetic commonly called “flower power.” Fortunately, De La Soul went on to achieve enormous critical and commercial success. Indeed, this group is one of the most lyrically advanced groups in the history of this dynamic music genre. Besides simply representing a fine example for American rap artists, De La Soul is arguably a huge influence for hip-hop artists throughout the world.


Ricardo Tosto

Ricardo Tosto Provides Quality Business Litigation

If you are going through a tough legal situation in Brazil, it is advisable to get a lawyer like Ricardo Tosto de Oliveira Carvalho. Complex legal matters require the attention and assistance of a powerful attorney that has represents clients in the are of law you’re struggling with.Ricardo Tosto is a renowned Brazilian litigation attorney. For many years, Ricardo Tosto has delivered superior representation and outstanding outcome to countless clients throughout Brazil.Finding the right attorney or law firm can feel like a tough matter. Most individuals and businesses know that there are benefits to hiring an attorney that has a great reputation in the industry. There are several ways to find out if the lawyer you have in mind has a good reputation.

Attorney websites, online reviews of attorneys and law firms and Bar Associations are great resources that can point you in the right direction. The information you gather from these sources can help you decide which law firm or attorney comes highly recommended. It is also a good idea to check out the attorney’s website.Research skills are crucial for an attorney to look up the rulings and laws that affect or regulate each particular legal situation. Attorneys must also possess keen analytical skills to simplify and analyze large amounts of data and figure out what is relevant to the issue at hand.Also, a knowledgeable attorney has the ability to lay out facts and logically present arguments to develop a powerful and convincing case.

A competent attorney has the skill to detect the flaws in the arguments and statements presented by the opposing party.Whether you are dealing with a difficult legal issue or a simple matter that requires advice, you will benefit immensely if you consult an experienced and reputable lawyer like Ricardo Tosto.Ricardo Tosto is a business and corporate expert and he addresses legal cases related to business, commercial and corporate issues, including disputes related to contracts and shareholders, fiduciary duties, and limited partnerships. Ricardo Tosto also helps companies and startups draft contracts and other important legal documents.

The E-governe System Adoption and Its Role in Organizations

The e-governe is a system that is used to manage and integrate the functions in an institution effectively. It improves the quality of services provided. It is being adopted by the municipalities to improve service to the population. The Brazilian municipality of Osasco in greater Sao Paulo has recently integrated with the ICIs (Instituto Curitiba de Informatica) client portfolio. It has signed a contract with the Institute for the implementation of the system. Osasco City is located in the Greater Sao Paulo. It is the 5th largest population among Sao Paulo municipalities. It has a thriving economy with the highest index of state development. It stands out for the entrepreneurship of its big population with more than 700 hundred thousand inhabitants known as “city work.” It has a dynamic and sustainable economy.

Its development is supported by industries, retail and wholesale trade companies, and service providers. This has attracted support by the city federations and other associations. The system has a broad range of advantages. It helps to ensure integration, uniqueness, and security of information, real–time issuance of management reports, and allows access to the internet. It also makes available shared reports, helps to minimize and eliminate rework, controls access privileges that are given according to the system administrators security levels defined, and ensures swiftness in opening the demands of the units.


Various organs in the municipality of Teresina participated in training on the implementation of the e-governe system. Prodater Miguel Oliveira is the president of the Teresina Data processing company. Miguel said that a meeting with the representatives of the Municipality Health Foundation, the Municipal Finance Department, and the Municipal Education Department was held to discuss the system of e-governe and its use in the optimization of the services in the municipality. Mayor Silvio Mendes said that e-governe system helps to speed up the response to population demands because it offers real-time information, identify problems, analyze suggestions, and monitor service provision. This play a major role for Teresina. It is the first system directed to the management of human resources and also helps to improve the agility of service to the public.


E-governe system also helps to manage the municipal and state health secretariats in public administration. E-governe system is used in the healthcare sector to improve the quality of the service provided to the population. It is effectively helping to eliminate queues. This improves service delivery in the sector. The system also carries out the ambulatory bed control and hospital services. It helps to perform the central ambulance and total management over financial resources. This brings leverage when it integrates with e-government materials. It has various benefits. They include the control of the patients flow from other municipalities and between health units, effectively managing financial transfers and attendance regionalization. It also does agreement control between the state and the municipalities and between the municipalities, allows correct dimensioning of health units, improves the work processes of the organization, and allows the structuring of the program of continuous health attention.