Lil Yachty Dissappinted With Debut Sales

Lil Yachty is an American recording artist and entrepreneur. Born August 23,1996 in Mableton, Georgia, Lil Yachty has managed his share of fame through the release of his 2016 projects “Summer Songs 2” and “Lil Boat.” His most recent project didn’t do so well. His debut album, “Teenage Emotions” was released in 2017, and sold less than 50,000 copies in its first week. In a recent discussion, with Interview Magazine, Yachty explained his frustration and disappointment with the first-week numbers. According to Lil Yachty, he felt as if he disconnected with his fans because he wasn’t making the music they usually would expect from him. Many times in the music industry, this one thing alone affects the success of musical compositions. A disconnect between the artist and the listener often creates a rift that is often is hard to shake off. Luckily for Yachty, he understands the importance of this, which has allowed him to regain a lot of that momentum he entered the industry with. His joint venture deal with Quality Control Music and Capitol Records has increased his brand tremendously, as he has locked in endorsements with Sprite and Nautica, which is his favorite clothing line. Destined to prove to the world that he is here for the long-term, Yachty has recently featured on chart-topping songs with the industry’s elite. He is now currently gearing for the release of his sophomore album, “Lil Boat 2,” which he confirmed is done via an Instagram live post to his fans. Stay tuned for all Lil Yachty has to offer this year.

Lime Crime: The All-Inclusive Makeup Brand

Lime Crime indeed is a makeup company, but their goal as a company is not only to provide makeup for customers but to revolutionize makeup as a whole. They incorporate so many things into their brand that makes it almost impossible to not purchase. They have managed to perfect nearly every aspect of a business. They have an extraordinary marketing team and put out a great product along with establishing a unique, beautiful visual appeal.

LimeCrime was founded by Doe Deere in 2008, who is also the CEO of the company. She promotes her product by the all-inclusive quote, “I make makeup for girls and boys like me who express themselves unapologetically…” It is due to her unique vision and wild creativity that they have gained the sparkling reputation that they have.

With the production of a great product, there is also some consideration as to how the product was made. At this company, all of their products are vegan and cruelty-free. This is a characteristic of their brand that they are extremely proud of. The difference between other non-vegan brands of makeup and Lime Crime’s vegan makeup is that their makeup does not include animal ingredients or any byproducts of animal ingredients. Along with not using such products in their makeup, they also do not test their makeup on animals. They have received PETA Certification, which is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. This certification states that this company does not participate in the usage of animals for product testing.

They have developed a large fan base, and have many stores in the state of California. There are many global locations as well. You can find their products in Indonesia, Poland, Thailand, Austrailia, Canada and a few more countries. Due to their unique product and the support that they have gained through the years, this company has decided to expand furthermore. Led by Kim Walls, Lime Crime’s global manager, they are expanding their company’s brand to China. Throughout this transaction, they had problems with their cruelty-free expectations, but they were able to sort them out.

Dr. Chris Villanueva: CEO, Dentist and Role Model

Dr. Chris Steven Villanueva is the founder of MB2 Dental, an organization dedicated to improving the dentistry profession. Much like a partnership, dentists are allowed to share ideas, improve their services and keep up to date with the best dentistry technology and techniques. MB2 Dental was founded for the sole purpose of increasing patient satisfaction through improvements in dental practice management, networking and services that make a dentists life easier and more efficient. Dentists usually specialize in one or more techniques or treatments so, it is not uncommon for patients to arrive at clinics thinking any dentists can fix any problem. This is where MB2 comes in, the company allows dentists to network with each other and discover the best course of action, be it referring the patient to another dentist or finding ways for the dentist to learn new techniques in order to serve patients better in the future, and Dr. Chris Villanueva’s lacrosse camp.

MB2 Dental currently has over 500 employees in six states and is connected with over 75 offices. It is one of the largest physician-owned dental practice management companies in the United States. Dr. Chris Villanueva understood first hand how complicated and frustrating it could be to be on your own without any contacts, help or guidance. Dentists are usually solitary or work in small clinics with a few associates. It never occurred to anyone to create a network of dentists that not only improves patient satisfaction, but dentist satisfaction as well. The better working conditions, management systems and overall dentist happiness has led to a better environment and experience for patients, and

Dr. Chris Villanueva’s immaculate career and innovative ideas started when he was very young. He earned his degree in Microbiology from the University of Florida and his DMD from Nova Southeastern University. His business lets dentists retain their autonomy yet allows them to have access to MB2’s networks, advisory services, and other valuable resources. Chris also made sure that MB2 is run entirely by practicing dentists. This eliminates any bureaucratic agendas that arise with business and profit minded CEO’s or managers.Chris himself is a practicing dentist and enjoys being a role model to new entrants into the field of dentistry. The aim of MB2 Dental is to make sure that patients always come first and receive the very best physicians, treatments and after-treatment services. Chris’s business also attempts to make dentistry more fun and enjoyable for dentists and patients alike because, it is a common notion that no one likes going to the dentist, and read full article.

The Future Of Rap Music Raises The Bar

As we enter 2018, the rapper known as Mozzy is clearly not content to simply rest on his laurels. The prolific Sacremento born artist consistently demonstrates his integrity and dedication to producing quality music. His honesty is a breath of fresh air. Furthermore, he is conscientious of his image and how he effects listeners. Although Mozzy is an unquestionable realist, he is a positive role-model. He has a charisma similar to Boosie Badazz or Gucci Mane, with a beyond loyal, now global fan-base. Many are saying he’s ready to crossover onto the pop charts. Fans have been vocal of his potential for a long time, just read Your text to link… for a taste of what hip hop fans are saying globally. Additionally, he may be the hardest working rapper of his generation, continuing to release music as the year came to close.

Mozzy’s most recent album is a collaboration with the Rick Ross endorsed, Yowdah. In many ways, this is classic Mozzy mixtape material. He gives a platform to a new artist, all while delivering a lyrical clinic. The production is consistent, west coast inspired trap beats laced with intricate, aggressively confident rhymes. This is a rapper who doesn’t glorify where he comes from. His realism is genuine, and many, including high-level executives are clamoring for a piece of the new, unique voice in music.

Mozzy has a clear-eyed connection to music-fans. A sobering presence reminiscent of 2Pac. His is at conflict with both himself and the world. He champions voices silenced by oppression and injustice. Mozzy’s artistry elevates hip-hop, it doesn’t denigrate. Humanizing and harmonious, his music is redemptive and reflective. This year may be the year of Mozzy, a rapper ready to shine, the heir to Kendrick Lamar’s throne. Quite simply, this music demands recogntion.

Cassie’s New Single is Out!

The songstress Cassie is out with another hit. Her new single, “Don’t Play It Safe,” is set to make a debut today.

She is far from playing it safe in this new video. The video includes visuals of animals, like lions and tigers. The beautiful singer and her captivating voice are both showcased in the new video.

Cassie is best known for her song “Me and You,” which made the billboard charts. She has since taken a break from the music industry, to focus on more business related pursuits. However, she is not back, with new music, and fans cannot wait to hear what else she has in store.

Cassie has recently been noted to talk about her new album. She is working with fresh producers that are experienced in producing a unique quality and high sound. Cassie is excited about the new landscape that she is embarking on, and we heard the new single as well.

She has been featured on social media and on other outlets, promoting her new single.

“Don’t Play It Safe,” is a new opportunity for fans to get in touch with Cassie and the raw talent that she has offered since she hit the ground running as a new artist.

If you would like to see the video and its spectacular arrangement, please click here.

Cassie has been spotted celebrating the release of her new single, with gal pals, in Hollywood, CA. The singer is not only known for her fantastic pipes, but also for her elegant style. Of course, she looked amazing as usual!

Congratulations Cassie! We wish you all the success for your new single!

Barbara Stokes – Paving the Way in Disaster Relief Construction

CEO of Green Structure Homes Delivered (GSHD), Barbara Stokes, leads her company to provide the best in Disaster Relief Construction. She is a graduate of Mercer University (Georgia) in 2001 with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree, focused on Biomedical/Medical Engineering. While obtaining her BSE she also studied Thermodynamics, Manufacturing and Management, Technical Communication, as well as Structures and Properties of Materials. Stokes founded GSHD in 2008 after extensive experience with Pisces Corporation and Boeing. GSHD is located in Huntsville, Alabama. Follow Barbara Stokes on

This CEO is also a mother of three (3), and is an advocate of supporting her local community, while she is equally committed to supporting the mission of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). When she announced plans to launch GSHD, she received tremendous support from her community and industry leaders. Ron Drinkard, then Director of ACFI (Alabama Center for Foreign Investment) touted, “This community is so fortunate to have someone of this caliber. You will not find anywhere a better corporate citizen than (Stokes Development, LLC).” Robert Aderholt, then Fourth Congressional District Representative also “welcomed Stokes Development and Green Steel Homes” shared Brittany Woodby of the Cullman Times in 2008. Lieutenant Governor Jim Folson, Jr. also shared his congratulations at the announcement.



At its inception, Green Structure Homes Delivered constructed 500 to 600 homes each year that are state-of-the-art, hurricane, mold and mildew resistant utilizing locally-resourced and eco-friendly materials. Today, GSHD is known for designing and offering on-site construction of mobile and modular and residential structures in North America and continue to produce approximately 550 homes a year.

In October 2017, Barbara Stokes announced GSHD would be expanding to create jobs in eight (8) states, including their home state of Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and Virginia thanks to a recent FEMA contract of $28.5M, says a Press Release on Newswire. 2017 was no stranger to natural disasters and the hurricane damage was beyond anyone’s worse nightmares. Thanks to the FEMA contract, Barbara Stokes and her team at Green Structure Homes Delivered will be able to help many of the people impacted by the 2017 hurricanes. According to Brian Harris of Release Fact, GSHD aims to complete the construction of the dwellings by the end of March 2018. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

OneLogin’s 2017 Highlights

OneLogin, the secure Identity-as-a-Service (IDaas) company, recently had an outstanding year. With new customers and new key leadership members to improve their core technology, OneLogin had an excellent 2017. There’s too many smaller achievements to go though every highlight; however, there are a few bigger events that stand out.

The first big highlight of 2017 was the welcoming of Brad Brooks as our brand-new CEO. Mr. Brooks has over twenty-five years of experience in technology companies, as well as a vision and passion that aligns with OneLogin. Brad summarized the reason he chose to accept the CEO offer with three key points: the people, the product, and the opportunity.

The next big achievement was the newly formed relationship between Airbus and OneLogin. Airbus is now one of OneLogin’s over two thousand customers across the globe and is a huge win for the company. The Head of Airbus Digital Accelerator, Chris Taylor, commented on his selection of OneLogin by explaining that the integration of the technology is part of a larger digital transformation.

Finally we have the many improvements to OneLogin’s core technology systems. Here we have two big improvements that customers will appreciate; the first is releasing MFA or Multi-Factor Authentication functionality. The MFA uses Adaptive Authentication technology that employs machine learning to review details of a user’s log in. Adaptive Authentication can look at the time stamp, GPS location, browser information, device information and much more to make a highly accurate choice weather the log in is legitimate or not.

The second technological improvement is the upgraded OneLogin Portal. The Portal now also uses machine learning but uses the technology to improve the accuracy of users searches. In addition frequently used apps will now automatically appear on each user’s app portal. This means less time trying to find your most favorite apps and more time using them. Concluding the improvements to the portal is flexible searching. When you do have to search for an app, if you can’t remember the name you can use the function as a search term, further increasing efficiency.

Learn more about OneLogin:

Nick Vertucci Turned His Dreams Into Reality!

Nick Vertucci was able to turn his dreams into reality. He independently made himself grow from a struggling man trying to make it to a millionaire who is now helping other people write their own success stories.

Nick Vertucci grew up with his siblings and both of his parents until he was a preteen. His father passed away before he became a teenager and Nick took his death extremely hard. Nick always watched his mother work long hard hours while growing up. At that point Nick didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life, but he did know that he did not want to work as hard.

Nick Vertucci eventually began to seek his independence as a teenager and before he knew it he found himself living in his personal van that was used for driving at the young age of 18. Nick was not happy with his life at the time he had had plenty jobs but none of them seemed to last for him throughout the years.

Nick eventually started his own business that he was very proud of. This business was used to sell parts for computers. Everything was going very well until the market crashed. Once the market crashed Nick was forced to lose his business and things were back to not looking so well for Nick. Things were even worse now because at this time Nick had three daughters that he had to provide for.

Nick’s life really changed for the better when his friend invited him to attend a real estate workshop. Nick was hesitate at first but he did attend. As of today Nick is very happy that he decided to attend. He has earned his real estate license and he has began to start making tons of money by just flipping houses.

Nick Vertucci did not stop there, however. He has also created his own academy to teach other people his formula in order to gain success. The main key to remember is to not give up! Nick Vertucci is helping many people gain the financial freedom they have been seeking for a while! His academy is one of the best!

Troy McQuagge Has Some Ideas for USHEALTH Group

There are numerous articles you can read today about Troy McQuagge, and that’s not hard to understand knowing how much work that Troy has done for the career that he has invested in.

It is also safe to say here that reading the article of Troy McQuagge would mean a great deal of work and an article that would lead one to not waste time in knowing him would go a long way in making sure that you understand more about Mr. Troy. Should we continue?

The USHEALTH Group’s Vision

Mr. Troy McQuagge US Health is the man behind the theUSHealth Group. He’s the passionate man in 2010 who established the USHA’s mission to build the Helping Other People Everyday foundation.

In fact, many people would even say that it is the passion of Mr. Troy that has made the difference in the lives of many to make sure that people in the world would be able to weather the challenges they will be facing.

The passion of Troy McQuagge’s passion would also come hand in hand with the fact that the foundation he started coincides with the demands of the world. What no one tells you though is that USHealth Advisors are able to do their job well only because of such guidance from Mr. Troy.

It is also the fact that Mr. McQuagge is the President and CEO of the corporation would give a great reputation that the company desires.

It may also be essential in this article about knowing what Mr. Troy has been doing by saying that he’s also been the leader in the Phoenix of New Orleans organization, which is the funding group that gave rise to the renovation of the people being affected by the Hurricane Katrina.

It is a pleasure of Mr. Troy to serve the people, and his keen attention to the domestic cataclysm in North Orleans puts him on top of the people who are effective in helping the world.

The Vision of Mr. Troy’s Career

One of the sorts of behind the scenes information you might also like to know about Mr. Troy is the fact that he lets his compassion always to the fore of his service. This means that he can sully around and multitask with his work, but he doesn’t forget the core of his agenda, which is to use the company he started at USHealth as a great surveyor and medium for changes in the world.

Some of the changes that Mr. Troy McQuagge could come from the experts in national economic changes. These experts include people like Nassim Taleb, the creative solutions of Bisaya Short Films and the various grassroots movement today that try to decentralize things in order to lessen the fat risks and hidden tragedies that are about to come and are about to blazingly challenge Mr. Troy.



The Crusade Against Inmates Using Cell Phones Has Just Begun

South Florida native Robert Johnson, who worked as a correctional officer for many years, knows what kind of harm inmates who have access to cell phones can do. He said that they started the problem, and it is his job to finish it. He says that when inmates have access to cell phones, we are only five seconds away from disaster.


He recalls the day when someone came to his house at five in the morning. The person knocked down his door and menaced at him. The man pointed the barrel of a gun at him and shot him in the chest six times. Robert Johnson still has the scars to this day. After being shot, Robert says he recalls nothing, except that he woke up on his bathroom floor.


Robert was targeted by an inmate with a cell phone. The inmate used the cell phone to orchestrate the hit on him. He was angry at Robert for basically doing what his job called for him to do, which was to make sure that contraband is not allowed to enter the prisons. According to Robert, an inmate may be locked up and may be behind bars, but if they have a cell phone, they can cause massive problems.


Robert recovered from his injuries and decided to set out on a mission to stop inmates from having access to cell phones. He knew firsthand what kind of harm can come about from that. He also points to a story in Georgia, where a baby was shot in his mother’s arms. Robert explained that the hit was orchestrated by three inmates who were locked up but had access to a cell phone. They did it because the baby’s uncle did something they did not like.


Robert now works as a consultant for Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies has developed the ultimate solution for preventing inmates from having access to cell phones. It is called the Wireless Containment Solution.


The Wireless Containment Solution prevents illegal cell phones from accessing the mobile network. Not only that, but it provides law enforcement officials with information about the illegal cell phones that try to access the network. Many states are now using the Wireless Containment Solution in order to prevent inmates from accessing the mobile network. Other companies have tried to come up with a good solution, but none of them actually prevented the cell phones from being able to make calls; they only recorded the logs of the calls. Oftentimes, it was too late to do anything when the calls were discovered. The Wireless Containment Solution avoids that problem by preventing phones from accessing the network in the first place unless they are authorized.