Cardi B Is On a Musical Winning Streak

As her hit song “Bodak Yellow” states, rapper Cardi B is certainly making money moves. She’s a native of the Bronx and has just made musical history by becoming the first female to simultaneously have all three of her singles in the top 10 on Billboard’s Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs list.

During the week of November 18, “Bodak Yellow” was in the No. 2 spot and her song “Motorsport” with Nicki Minaj and Migos made the list at No. 5, according to Billboard. “No Limit” by G-Eazy, which also features Cardi B and A$AP Rocky, was also bumped up one spot to become the No. 10 song on the Billboard list.

Cardi B is also the first artist to have three of her singles made the top 10 on Billboard all at the same time since 2015 when Fetty Wap accomplished this. Cardi is also only the sixth woman to have three simultaneous top 10 hits any any time in her career, but she’s in good company: Nicki Minaj, Iggy Azalea, Rihanna, Ashanti and Beyonce have all had the honor of achieving this musical milestone.

Cardi took to Instagram to thank her supporters after finding out the great news. She shared that her accomplishment was all because of the fans and said that a new single was on the way. A few months prior to this, Cardi B became the first female rapper in two decades to reach No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart without featured artists.

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Jay-Z Spends $100,000 At Manhattan Nightclub

Jay Z managed to raise a few eyebrows recently when the rapper and business mogul treated Juan Perez, President of Roc Sports Nation, to a night out in Manhattan to celebrate Perez’s birthday. The two men were accompanied by other executives working with the company.

The group would eventually make their way to an exclusive nightclub in Inwood known as the Playroom. Once seated in the VIP section of the club, Jay Z ordered 40 bottles of champagne for the group. The brand, Ace of Spades, is Jay-Z’s own but he paid the full price for the order.

The bar tab for the night exceeded $80,000 and with the tip, Jay Z spent more than $91,000.

The gesture by Jay Z is not uncommon when it comes to large tips. Shaquille O’Neal has long been known as a large tipper and once left a $4000 tip for a much smaller order. O’Neal will often ask waitstaff what they want as a tip and will actually deliver on their requests.

Jimmy Kimmel explains that he always tells the waitstaff that the quicker he gets his food the larger the tip will be. Kimmel goes on to say that when he prepares to leave he also asks how much a waiter or waitress may want.

Chamath Palihapitiya, a venture capitalist, reports that his tipping philosophy is to always leave 100% of the bill. Palihapitiya says that he will not tip so much if the service is generally bad but explains that he loves to be generous to waitstaff because of the happiness it brings to them. A humble Palihapitiya explains that he has been lucky with some huge early investments and that he enjoys “paying it forward.”

Envogue Has A New Album

Envogue is back. They are known for their 90s hits such as “Don’t Let Go”, “Hold On” and Never Gonna Get It.” They will be releasing a new album entitled “Electric Cafe” on March 30. This is the first album that the group has released in 14 years. People can pre-order the album from all music providers.

“Electric Cafe” is a r&b album that incorporates elements of funk, rock, hip-hop and electronic dance. It has 11 tracks. The first single off of the album is “Rocket.” The song was written by Neyo. It is currently number 13 on the Billboard Adult R & B songs chart.

The last album that the group released was “Soul Flower.” Terry Ellis, who is the founding member of Envogue, has talked about why it has taken the group so long to release another album. She stated that the group was waiting for the right partnership and deal. They were also waiting for the right combination of songs.

The group has worked with Taura Stintson and Raphael Saadiq to produce the album. Not only will Envogue be releasing another album this year, but they also plan on going on tour. The tour is set to kick off on April 2 in Dublin, Ireland. After that, the group will be heading back to the United States.

The group will perform on the Tom Joyner 2018 Fantastic Voyage Cruise. Other guests include Tamar Braxon, Toni Braxton, Anita Baker, Babyface and the Ojays. Tracy stated that she wants Envogue to be remembered as a group who loved what they do.

Nick Vertucci Gives Back Through The NV Real Estate Academy

Nick Vertucci is the founder of the NV Real Estate Academy. He created the academy because he wanted to give a wide range of people the opportunity to learn about buying and selling estate. Creating the NV Real Estate Academy was a way of fulfilling a promise Vertucci had made to himself when he started making money in real estate. A friend had introduced Nick Vertucci to real estate sales when he was having trouble finding a job. When Vertucci saw how easy it was for him to make money buying and selling commercial and residential properties, he decided he would introduce as many people as he could to real estate sales.

The opportunity to learn about the real estate industry come at the perfect time for Nick Vertucci. He was unemployed and his savings were running out. Vertucci didn’t have an interest in or knowledge of the real estate industry, but his friend encouraged him to at least check out the real estate seminar. By the time the third day of the seminar was over, Vertucci realized the things he had learned could provide him with an easy way out of his financial troubles. Plus, he continued to research other ways he could find, buy and sell real estate.

Nick Vertucci now has a net worth of well over a million dollars and he owes it all to the real estate industry. As a way of giving back, he first created the very successful ‘Fortunes in Flipping’ program. Then, to make it even easier for people to learn the ins and outs of the real estate industry, he founded the NV Real Estate Academy. The results have been great. People of all ages, races and backgrounds have been able to use the information they learned from the NV Real Estate Academy to make lots of money quickly and improve the quality of their lives. Nick Vertucci is happy he has been able to help.

Advisors need to be more secure discussing social security with clients

The Social Security Handbook has 2,700 rules and many people depend on financial advisors to help them understand it and implement it in their retirement planning.

However, not all advisors are discussing social security.

David Giertz, president of Nationwide Financial Distributors at Nationwide Financial, spoke to The Wall Street Journal in June 2014 about this topic. He cited a survey of consumers conducted by the Nationwide Financial Retirement Institute which revealed most advisors don’t talk to people about social security.

Why don’t many advisors discuss it?

“I think it’s a very complex topic,” Giertz said in the interview.

Despite this, Giertz stressed the importance to tackling the subject because four out of five people have said they would change advisors if they weren’t talking about social security. He said financial advisors must have a good understanding of those rules and confidence working with them or clients will move on.

David Giertz said Social Security could be up to 40 percent of someone’s income retirement planning process.

“That social security piece is very important,” Giertz told The Wall Street Journal.

One example he gave of the importance of this discussion revolved around someone taking social security too early and losing up to $300,000 over 25 years – that comes out to $12,000 per year or $1,000 per month lost.

Giertz has over 30 years of experience in the financial industry. He has been with Nationwide since 2004 and in his current role as president of Nationwide Financial since March 2013. He is responsible for “the wholesale strategy and distribution of private sector retirement plans, life insurance, annuities, specialty markets, and mutual funds through banks, independent broker/dealers, regional firms, and wirehouses,” according to his LinkedIn page.

He received his Masters in Business Administration from the University of Miami School of Business. Giertz is an industry arbitrator with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and is on the board of trustees with Millikin University.

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Lime Crime Comes Out With Pocket Palettes That Go Along Good With Unicorn Hair

Lime Crime is a well-known cosmetic company that has been around for a few years now. They sell everything from lipsticks to hair dye and all their cosmetics are colorful and unique to their brand. Lime Crime’s newest Venture is Polly Pocket themed eyeshadow palettes for all those true 90s kids out there. Polly Pocket was one of the most popular toy brands of the 90s mainly because Polly pocket dolls were small enough to fit in your pocket so that you could take them with you anywhere you go. Turns out Pocket palettes made by Lime Crime can fit in your pocket also. This is a great idea that will make it easier for women to carry around their makeup when they are on a night out. Pocket palettes come in either a pink, blue, or yellow case. In each palette is a set of 5 different eyeshadow shades. One of the palettes has darker eyeshadows, well the other two have lighter colored eyeshadows for those who are looking for a subtler look.

Lime Crime along with their pocket palettes makes hair dye called unicorn hair in all different colors. Some of these hair dyes are subtle well others are more vibrant. No matter what people are looking for in the way of cosmetics Lime Crime is bound to have it and more. Lime Crime strives to be as great as it can by providing customers with excellent customer service and even a discount for students who buy cosmetics through their Lime Crime website. Lime Crime founder Doe Deere and her team make sure to test every cosmetic product themselves before launching it to their website to make sure that it is worthy of their customers.

Although cosmetics are important what’s even more important is something to apply makeup with. Therefore Lime Crime frequently releases new sets of makeup brushes to their website so that their customers have professional tools to put their cosmetics on without having to use their hands to apply their products. If you are the kind of person who likes to express yourself through your makeup be sure to check out lime crime.

Michael Hagele is Making Things Happen at the Top

Michael Hagele provides legal services for a variety of tech companies. In a recent interview he summed up how he effectively serves his clients. Hagele begins by stating that small firms can offer cost-efficient as well as high-quality legal services in the area of technology.

Hagele starts the morning by handling everyday concerns of his technology clients. This could include legal counseling regarding intellectual or general property and reviewing contracts. By mid-day he may take some time for mountain biking. This gives him a fresh, creative look at difficult issues when he gets back to work. He’ll continue to work with clients throughout the day solving a variety of issues that crop up. Read more at

Hagele says he’s very tenacious and keeps working with new opportunities and information to provide the best outcomes. He’s particularly interested in artificial intelligence and its many applications. He’s also fascinated with machine algorithms that find unique relationships and patterns in data. Whatever he’s working on, he makes it a point to always put the customer first. As an attorney, he’s always thinking about what is in the best interest of his client.

He believes that social media is a critical component for a successful business. He doesn’t want to overdo it, but finds this to be a great way to connect with clients and customers. The software he likes includes a combination of web offerings from Google and MS Office. Hagele also likes to keep in touch with other people who mountain bike. He uses Strava to connect with other individuals who are interested in biking and competitions.

One of his failures as an entrepreneur was his experience opening a restaurant. The celebrity chef that was hired was not on board with the company regarding how compensation would be handled. Hagele stated that he should have seen this as a red flag from the beginning. He believes businesses need people who are invested in a company through equity participation and not just receiving a salary.



O2Pur and The Exciting and Growing Industry of e-Cig in the Stock Market

There are many companies today whose successes seem to be too tentative to matter. In the case of the companies involved in the e-cig industry, the truth and the statistics today shows that it’s one of the most thriving businesses today that people can take a part of.

In an article from the Motley Fool, we learned that there’s so much industry consolidation going on in the tobacco industry. With these new changes, there’s a lot more incentive for the global cigarette giants to get to their heads and put all their ideas on the table. They want to experience all the potentials and leads from the world of trading about combustible cigarette alternatives today. With these new changes in the trading environment, we now see the participation of companies like Reynolds-American and British American Tobacco. These brands are leading mostly because of their creativity to make sure that they have e-cigarette devices that can satisfy discriminating tastes of users.

There are now early newcomers in the world of e-cig, and this is why the e-cig trading today is one of the most exciting events in the stock market. Other than the two brands, we can also observe the rise of such e-cig companies like Altria, which is just an early entrant in the game.

Reynolds American is an early entrant, too, but they can offset their amateur status by acquiring other companies to expand their assets and stocks. It has even purchased blu eCig for about $135 million today, which is a decision that was caused because of their aim to protect their assets. Another growing company in the eCig game is O2Pur.

The Rise of O2Pur

O2Pur is outstanding in its offers mainly because it is offering products that the rest of the competition is not offering at discounted rates. The three important factors in people’s decision to pick the right e-cig are price, convenience, and flavors. All of these attributes are what define O2Pur right now, and these offerings are what make sure that they will be one of the leading and fast-growing e-cig companies today.

Right now, it is leveraging their discounted prices as a differentiator in the game. They offer about $200 worth of giveaways and discounts to make sure that they stand out in the choices of consumers.

Cassio Audi, The Brazilian Drummer With A Bang

“Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent.” Victor Hugo. Music is an art, which organizes sound based on time.Many things go into making good music. The common elements are pitch, rhythm, dynamics, and texture. These limits govern melody, harmony, loudness, and softness. These elements of music need to be in harmony for the sound produced to be worth remembering. Varying these elements determines the type of music produced. The performance of music differs with the instruments used and the vocal styles used.There are many genres and sub-genres of music including traditional, rock, Hip-hop, folk, pop, Reggae, classical, rhythm and beats, lullabies, etc. The genre of music is open to personal interpretation, and it is sometimes a subject of controversy.

The loose defining principles cause this.Heavy metal is a genre of rock music that is characterized by a loud, aggressive, vigorous, amplified and extended guitar solos. The instruments used are electric guitars, bass guitars, drums and distinctive vocals.The indigenous Brazilian people had a strong musical culture. They developed their instruments, and a signature vocal and instrumental performance. Their music culture had its roots in the 18th century.As they evolved and developed, European music influenced the Brazilian music scene. Their institutional and educational structures relied on music. Their natural styles were capoeira, maracatu, afoxe, and repente.Brazilian heavy metal dates back to the 1980s.

Cassio Audi was a drummer in a Brazilian band. The Viper band composed of iconic artists such as Felipe Machad, Pit Passarell, Yves Passarell and Andre Matos.A drummer creates the beats to the song. Drummers must produce a loud beat and deliver it with speed and precision. The bass from the drums is the most important part of heavy rock metal music.The band released their first album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’ in 1987. This won Cassio, the teenage drummer, affection from his fans and band members. To date, he is still considered a legendary drummer. Cassio played with the band from 1985 to 1989.During his stint in the band, Viper released its most popular songs in English. This made their album earn a four-star rating by AllMusic. This exceptional success is attributed to Cassio Audi. He composed beats that were expressive and exceptional. His music still inspires new Brazilian heavy metal music bands.

Meek Mill To Get Another Day In Court

Judge Genece Brinkley, who previously sentenced rapper Meek Mill to a two to four-year prison term for a probation violation has granted the Philadelphia rap artist a post-conviction hearing to take place in April. Meek is hoping the hearing will result in his release due to new evidentiary findings in his case.

The new push for Meek’s freedom on the part of his lawyers is in response to recently released news concerning secret list that was maintained by the District Attorney’s office in Philadelphia that named officers with a history dishonesty, brutality, and racial bias when dealing with the public. The list was reportedly kept to identify officers who should not be allowed to testify at the trials of defendants.

The arresting officer in Meek’s case, Reginald V. Graham is not only named in the list kept by the DA’s office but has also believed to have lied in the report pertaining to Meek’s arrest. Fellow officer Jerold Gibson has given a sworn affidavit that disputes Graham’s claims that Meek pointed a gun at him. Gibson, who was present at the scene said the rapper never pointed a gun at Graham or anyone else that was present.

Judge Brinkley has granted Meek’s post-conviction hearing to sort out these issues.

A lawyer speaking for Meek points out that 800 individuals have had their cases dismissed due to the revelation of the list of officers who had been known to commit crimes themselves, lying about the details of arrests, and producing false documents to back-up their lies.

Officer Graham is the only officer to provide testimony at Meek’s original trial. Meek’s next day in court will take place on April 16.