Talos Energy: First Privately Owned Company to Capitalize on Mexican Oil Wells

Talos Energy is an oil and petroleum company that is located in Houston, Texas. The company is one of the few that are currently being allowed to set up oil rigs in Mexico. This has been a revolutionary step for the country, leading them in a favorable direction for economic growth. The country of Mexico is known to have plenty of resources which can boost the production of oil and natural gas. However, in the past, the use of these oil wells was only limited to government sanctioned companies, while private ones were not allowed to enter into the sector. However, after almost eighty years of the government putting this system into place, they decided to overturn it and allow private companies to set up their bases here.

When the Mexican government announced this, oil and petroleum companies from all over the world flocked in to get a piece of this untapped resource. To make the process more efficient, the Mexican government introduced a bidding system, whereby those companies who want to be the first to set up in the area could capitalize on it. Talos Energy was one of the companies that won this bid, thereby allowing them to be one of the first to set up their oil fields. Talos Energy wants to complete their digging processes within a short span of three months so they can start their operations as soon as possible. The total cost that Talos Energy has estimated would be roughly around sixteen million dollars for the entire drilling process. To know more click here.

However, Talos Energy is not doing the entire process on their own. They decided to form a partnership with some of the biggest international names in the oil industry so that they can perform with their maximum efficiency. The association that the company is going through with is with Premier Oil, which is a UK based company, and Sierra Oil and Gas, which is an oil company from Mexico itself. The three companies are all set to take on the Mexican oil business with full force and plan to be fully operational by the start of 2018.


Marc Sparks Followed A Different Path To Success

Marc Sparks is best described as a man with a thirst for life and everything it offers. He has had a hand in startups that were successful beyond imagination and others that failed on a grand level. What he perceived as important was the knowledge he acquired when he failed and therefore he has been successful in the world of entrepreneurship for 34 years. He decided to share his hard-won knowledge with the world and wrote a book. He has spoken of the pain he felt as he wrote about his failures but believes the errors he has made will help others to avoid many of the pitfalls entrepreneurs encounter every day. He simply does not want to see anyone lose hope and forfeit their dreams.

Every time Marc Sparks builds a new company he comes alive with passion. He does not believe in the word can’t and feels ideas are meant to be acted on. He has established successful businesses like Timber Creek Capital, maintained a highly successful portfolio, created business models, developed company cultures, and strategized growth plans. He leads by setting an admirable example and always makes time to speak with his employees. He admits to having no patience and when he wants something he does not like to wait. Hard work is no problems once he has set his course.

Marc Sparks is unusual in many ways but especially in the way he regards loss. Provided he has a place to live, his family, and can pay his bills he is not afraid to lose. This has given him a distinct advantage in the world of business. He obviously prefers to win but sees true riches as good health, his family, his friends, and the ability to build businesses. He often jokes about receiving a special valve from God that allows him to turn off the fear factor. He also acknowledges his childhood was a factor because his family was poor and he did not have much in the way of monetary possessions to lose. He simply thought about the possibilities in the future and used his excitement and passions to pave his journey.

Marc Sparks is more than an entrepreneur who has found success. He is an amazing man who believes in the values of honesty and respect. He uses his success to help other people and has a genuine interest in their individual outcomes. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/marc.sparks1

The Leverage Of Madison Street Capital

Breaking Modern Trends In Investment Banking


Much of investing has to do with how well an investor understands his or her current circumstances. But there are a lot of different trends that are influencing how everyone behaves, and that behavior will lead to either effective or unsuccessful trades. That’s why it takes a qualified service to help most investors and at a professional level.


Every person can earn the amount of cash necessary to begin investing in the stock market or the financial world entirely. It’s banks like Madison Street Capital that offer the best-rated service in investment banking globally. Madison Street Capital reputation was built on a solid investing platform in The United States and then grew to the international giant it now is. Learn more: http://www.pr.com/press-release/700593


– First Know Where You Are


One of the main factors that makes Madison Street Capital stand out from other agencies is their process of service and for each client. For example, as a new client, you are welcomed to creating an account and one that goes well beyond simply issuing a routing number. This account invites the agency to better understand who you are.


And each client’s needs, behavior or preferences are extremely important to the strategy which a firm like Madison Street Capital is likely to take. Because this firm takes steps to first understand each client and in a special way, the future service and investment results are often optimal by trading standards. Learn more: https://pitchengine.com/madison_street_capital


– Set The Standards And Don’t Look Back


The ability to understand each person that they serve in business has allowed Madison Street Capital to also set the standards for an entire agency. Which may not seem like a big or substantial deal at the moment. Yet, the competitive environment of New York City reveals to us that leading any industry in that city is an amazing feat.


But what does it mean exactly and for the average investor?


The reality is that investors who partner with the Madison Street Capital team are joining an agency with the right experience. There’s simply no level of financial expertise that hasn’t been hired by MSC. With such a strong reputation for today, it’s no wonder many see MSC succeeding even more in the near future.


Nick Vertucci: More than Just an Agent

Unlike many real estate agents, Nick Vertucci wants to see other people succeed. He knows that it is necessary to have the experience that he has if people want to reach their goals and he also knows that the industry will be better when different people can try things that will make their lives better. He has always remained in the positive side of real estate and he wants to show other people how to do it. This is the way that he gives back and shows people that he actually knows what he is doing in different situations.

When people attend the Nick Vertucci Real Estate Academy, they learn that they can make as much money as what he does. They also learn the exact method that he used to be successful. With the step-by-step information that he puts into his classes, it is easy for people to see that he can make them successful and they can work enough to be able to get to the point where he is currently at. This is what the academy is for and it is what has helped many people to become successful in the real estate industry.

Since Nick Vertucci knew a lot about real estate after he started the academy, he was able to put all of this information into the academy. While he did not start out as a real estate agent, he did do a lot of work and learn the best way to do things with his business. This dedication gave him the help that he needed and gave him the ability that he had to show people what he could do in different instances. All of this is what helps Nick Vertucci to do different things and what gives him the motivation to continue on.

For Vertucci to make sure that the business gets better, he does different things to help his students. He tries to always teach them the exact way to do things and he uses his past experiences to make things easier on himself and on them. The students who attend his academy know that Nick Vertucci is always looking out for them and wants to make things easier for them to be able to learn about the different things that are present in the real estate market. They know that he is dedicated to their success in the real estate field.https://nvrealestateacademy.com/education/

The contribution of USHEALTH to the quality of insurance

The services offered by the Ushealth Group

Most insurance companies offer their policies according to the demands of the market. These companies tend to use the flow of the market to dictate the flow of demands. Ushealth as a company focuses on providing specific insurance policies to their clients. The company only bases their insurance products on health. Currently, Ushealth provides insurance policies on dental problems, accidents, diseases that are specified by the clients, illnesses that are in critical conditions, disabilities that are as results of accidents and can only last a few months, visions and several other conditions. The conditions are covered based on the terms of agreements with the clients as guided by the policies of the companies.

The quality and experience of service

Currently, the company has a customer base of about 15 million people. This is a huge population. With this number of customers, there are policies which are used to guide each service. Since Ushealth Group is a group of companies, it has a collective duration of experience of 50 years. The company offers competitive rates in the industry today. Clients can select the rates which suit their desires. As a client, there is an option of selecting daily medical covers or focusing on specific events. These services are offered on different levels as explained by the agents

The methods of operation

With a customer base of 15 million people, the customers may not be properly served by the current employees. The customer base is too large to be handled at the headquarters. For this reason, Ushealth Group has come up with a system where they have agents at strategic places that will help the clients at the points of need. Since the customers demand efficiency and excellence in the services offered, the agents have people who are working under them. The means of operation has provided a system where each customer is reached, and their concerns are addressed at their points of comfort.

The background and location of USHEALTH Group

Started in 1982, the company has focused on offering insurance services especially on matters that affect health. Initially, between 1982 and 2005, the company operated under the name Ascent Assurance. Other companies later joined the Ascent Assurance in the bid to work together. Owing to the nature of their businesses, the company changed its name to USHEALTH in 2005. The sole mission was to reach more people and to focus on the provision of quality services. Unlike all the other insurance companies, USHEALTH has a genuine concern about the state of health. The organization ensures that the clients get the best medical services. The quality of work that it has always maintained has been the marketing factor for the duration that it has stayed in operation. http://www.ushealthdirect.com/

Troy McQuagge – Helping Increase the Revenue of USHEALTH Group Considerably

It is a well-known fact that the healthcare and medical costs in the United States are very expensive. It is for this reason; it is essential for everyone in the country to have medical insurance. Having a health insurance would ensure that in the case of any medical emergency or health issues, the related medical costs would be covered under the insurance coverage and paid for by the insurance company. The United States insurance industry is amongst the biggest in the country, and due to widespread nature of this sector, many insurance companies in the industry are trying to work its way to the top.



One amongst the top insurance companies in the United States is USHEALTH Group, which provides a broad range of insurance products to the people through its two subsidiary companies, namely Freedom Life Insurance Company and the National Life Insurance Company. In 2010, one of the leading executives in the financial and business world, Troy McQuagge was named the Chief Executive Officer of the USHEALTH Group.



The business initiatives implemented by Troy McQuagge has helped the company to penetrate the consumer market further and increase the revenue of the company manifolds. Moreover, Troy McQuagge is known to be an excellent analyst of the market, which has helped him understand what the consumers are looking for. It is what has helped him devise some of the most popular insurance products for the company, which has contributed majorly to the success of the company.



Troy McQuagge has helped in ways more than one to turn around the business of the company by making significant changes in the company’s business structure. There were many shortcomings in the way the company conducted business, which Troy MCQuagge personally modified and restructured to ensure seamless business growth. Troy believes that the success of the company depends on how efficient its internal structure and workings are, which is why he focused inwards rather than outwards when he joined the company in 2010.



However, he ensured that he kept a balance in focusing on both inwards and outward business of the company later on after streamlining the few rough edges. Troy McQuagge also played a significant role in increasing the revenue generated by one of the subsidiaries of USHEALTH Group, namely USHEALTH Advisors. It is a company that has been in the negative for a long time, but Troy McQuagge was able to turn it around through his business development initiatives.



Troy McQuagge was recently named as the winner of the Best CEO Category at the One Planet Awards 2017. It is an award show where the companies and executives from across the globe participate, making it one of the most competitive awards in the world.

Betsy DeVos Means Business with Education

The educational opportunities that students have when they are from poverty-stricken areas are very limited. They are expected to go to the free public schools because their parents often cannot afford the pricier options and they just don’t have the ability to make things happen for the students no matter how smart they are. Being a philanthropist, Betsy DeVos knew that she had to do something to change that for students and she knew that a huge part of it was going to rely on what she could do to make things better for different people. It all added up for Betsy DeVos and it all gave her a chance to see what she could do to make the industry better no matter what she was trying or what she was doing to bring these changes around in the industry. All that Betsy DeVos had worked for involved the ability to try new things and do more than what others had in the past.


Since Betsy DeVos first started with her philanthropic efforts, she knew that she could make the necessary changes to the educational industry. In fact, she knew that it wasn’t an industry at all and the wrong people were getting rich from it while the students were suffering because they didn’t have the right type of opportunities. Betsy DeVos wanted to change that and wanted to ensure that people knew what they were able to get from education if they did not have to rely solely on the public education system.


For Betsy DeVos, this meant that she had to try new things and do more for the students. She felt that it was her job to teach their parents about the opportunities that they had. She also felt that it was her job to make sure that people were learning as much as possible about the opportunities. She developed programs that would allow children to use vouchers so that they could go to private schools. Their parents would not have to spend a penny and they would get a world-class education that was much better than what they could get at a public school.


Along with this, Betsy DeVos found that helping people out in other ways was something that was important. For that reason, she developed the charter school initiative. She worked to ensure that all districts had them and that students who could not afford private school would be able to use them. While they were still being developed and refined, Betsy DeVos found that they were filling up quickly. She had struck a chord with that community and it is what made things better for different students who wanted a better education than public school.


Visit http://www.betsydevos.com/ to learn more.

Orange Coast College Providing the Best Facilities to Students and Orange County Community

Recently, a former instructor at Orange Coast College donated about $1 million to the new planetarium under construction which gave it an astronomical boost. Mary McChesney gift to the institution will be used to purchase a device called Foucault pendulum which is used to show the Earth’s rotation. This device is set to be the only of its type at the Costa Mesa College and in Orange County as well. McChesney outlined that the planetarium will act as the scientific centre for students and the Orange community at large.


According to the executive director of the Orange Coast College Foundation, Doug Bennet, McChesney had worked at Orange Coast College for over three decades before retiring. She taught Spanish and English and over the years she has been a regular donor to scholarships and the foundation as well. Bennet claimed that although he knew of the donation that McChesney had intended to offer the planetarium, he did not think she would do something this big. An existing planetarium built in 1950 was torn down in 2016 when the new officials broke ground on the new planetarium.


About Orange Coast College

Orange Coast College’s (OCC) is a 164-acre situated near Southern California’s beautiful beaches. Since its founding in 1947, OCC has grown to become one of the country’s largest colleges with enrollments of up to 25,000 students every semester.


Orange Coast College offers more than 135 academic programs, and with the latest technology in place, it features exceptional facilities. The institution is also among the biggest and most accredited public nautical programs.


The number of students transferred to California State University and the University of California ranks Orange Coast College first among Orange County’s community colleges. Almost 16,000 OCC students have in the last decade transferred to CSU and UC campuses. Moreover, several OCC students go on to transfer to Universities and private colleges within California and across the country.


Orange Coast College offers fall to winter, spring, and summer classes and is a member of the Coast Community College District. The institution is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges.

Connect with Orange Coast College on LinkedIn.

Talk Fusion

If you are a business owner, who prefers to market their goods through digital programs or someone who works with advertising agencies than am a hundred percent sure Talk fusion does not sound like Greek to you. On the other hand, if you are wondering what kind of fruit or gadget Talk fusion is, then don’t worry because am about to make it all clear.

First things first, the program was established by Bob Reina who has been in the network marketing industry for two decades now. That gives you a reason to trust the program as you can be sure it’s from someone who has seen it all during the period that he has been around and had the experience to give you the best. Now talk fusion is an online structure which is all about business promotion through digital products. The company began its operation in 2007 and all the goods offered are video in nature. These include live video chats with your clients, newsletters, blogs and plenty others. Its primary motive is to help business owners attract and retain customers, increase sales and be able to stand out in the face of competition.

New training program

In a move to maximize the ability of its subscribers, Talk Fusion recently launched a new training program which goes by the name Talk Fusion University. The program was released on a live broadcast and had hundreds of anticipating viewers. Through talk Fusion University, the company’s founder and chief executive officer will be able to train and share digital marketing tips and experiences with myriads of its associates. That will be made possible by the step by step videos which will he will provide. Before the launch of the program, Bob would send such training and motivational messages through Facebook live and also on corporate broadcasts such as Live Meetings. But with the recent release of the training program all that is much easier as now the followers will know where to find him specifically. The deal is even better if you are a talk fusion associate as you can access all his coaching videos free of charge. The program is currently available in two languages but is soon to be translated to even more languages to ensure it reaches and helps as many people as possible. However, to access it, you need to be a member. There is no better way than to hear it from the horse’s mouth and through talk fusion university you have the opportunity to do exactly that. Learn more: https://www.youtube.com/user/TalkFusionOfficial


Securus Technologies Is A Leader In Safety

Securus Technologies is a leader in the public safety industry, and they are in the business of creating innovative ways to ensure that the world becomes a safer place for everyone. Since they have a staff of experts in the field, they are creating new technologies every week. These technologies can be used by their clients to create better environments at their facilities.


Their clients have correctional facilities based all around the US. The US government contracts with them to help at their various facilities. Securus Technologies uses interviews, investigations and videos, as well as other techniques to ensure that the facilities are run well and adhere to safety for everyone involved. When they deal with these clients they are in constant contact with over a million prisoners every year.


Securus Technologies wants the public to know what they are working on for their latest projects so that they will understand why they are so important for the public’s safety. They deal with both the civil and criminal sides of justice, and they want people to visit their TX plant to see the latest technologies that they are creating. While the people are there, they will receive a tour of the plant, and they can ask any questions that they might have.


The company is in huge demand, and they want to hear from their clients. They have written articles showing the public what their clients have to say about the technologies that they are using and how they benefit them. The company uses all of the feedback to create even better ways to make the world a safer place for everyone to work and live in.